Hi Everyone, I have developed Excel Add-ins with the help of Excel-VBA which will help you in GST compliances related work. Some of the features of such Add-ins are as follows:

1) Custom Lookup Formula: Some Lookup formulas like Get multiple values, Get multiple unique values, Get the sum of All values etc from multiple lookup values.

2) GSTR JSON File to Excel: You can convert multiple JSON files let’s say for a whole year into one single excel file of

a) GSTR-1: On Invoice Level

b) GSTR-3B: Summary Level

c) GSTR-2A/6A/2B: Invoice Level

3) GSTIN Validation/ Get GSTIN Trade Name: You can validate multiple GSTIN or get the Trade Name of Bulk GSTIN in just one click.

GST Helping Tools

4) GSTR-1_Excel to JSON: You can prepare multiple JSON files which is to be uploaded on GST Portal from excel of different GSTIN/Month in one to go based upon your customised format or sheet or Standard format as per your choice. There are several validation also like one invoice shown in two GSTIN, GSTIN validation, Port code, HSN etc which will prevent error at the time of preparation.

5) GST-Lasted Notification, Circulars, Press release, NACIN GST Weekly Update: You can import all details of notifications, circulars, press releases from the CBIC website directly in your excel sheet. And also download and view directly from excel. You can filter and view directly from excel.

6) Custom Tools: Following are some other custom features:

a) Hide /Unhide/Delete Sheets: You can directly hide, Unhide, delete multiple sheets in one go

b) Searchable Validation: You can make Data validation cell as searchable Dropdown, you can directly access Searchable Dropdown on particular cell by Short cut key As Ctrl+Shift+S.

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