HSN code means Harmonized System Nomenclature code.

It is a multipurpose international product nomenclature developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO).  In simple words, it is an internationally accepted product coding system formulated for classification of goods.

India being a member of WCO, HSN is being used in the country for Customs and Central Excise Classifications since 1985. Now, HSN Codes will also be used for GST enrolment/registration purposes.

Please find below the list of HSN Codes of products for GST Enrolment purposes:

GST Enrolment – HSN Codes- Check Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) Codes here for GST enrolment/registration purposes

Download GST Enrolment – HSN Codes- Exhaustive List

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  1. Harish Dobhal says:

    sir i am retailer …. i am dealer of vivo mobile company so i sale mobile of vivo and repair centre what is my HSN Code

    1. Ram Dwivedi says:

      Dear Sir,

      We are Fabricators and do both manufacturing and services for our industrial customers. we deal in both Mild Steel & Stain Steel fabrication.We do some services for our customers i.e site fabrication, welding works, Piping work at site.

      please tell about our HSN Codes for our manufacturing & services.

      Ram Dwivedi

  2. R.Malaiyappan says:

    What is the code for air compressors, air driers, filtes. mini air driers, air receiver tanks, dehumidifiers, filter elements etc.

  3. CMA Ritesh Deshmukh says:

    Turnover based HSN code mechanism introduced under GST But Under Which Section ,Chapter or Rules its Say That ?

    Please Share Your View

  4. Bablu Jaiswal says:

    Such persons are doing Mahua Flower business and they also get TIN by the same trade name but in GST HSN code not available by the name of Mahua Flower, Grocery Shop etc. In this case what can I do for resistration.

  5. Jayant Lakhkar says:

    My comments: (1) As requested by Mr. Nayan Jain, availability of the list in MS-Excel format will be greatly helpful for sorting out the list chapterwise and codewise. (2) I am trying to find out the HSN Code 30064000 but it does not appear to be included in the list. How can I ensure that it will be included in the list ?

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