In last article on Composition scheme, we discussed the meaning of composition scheme and its related provisions.  In this article we will discuss the compliance part of composition scheme.

A composition dealer is required to file only 1 return i.e. GSTR 4 that too on quarterly basis,

Thus, he is not required to file complicated 3 monthly return (GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3), Oooops 4 returns (don’t forget GSTR 3B).

GSTR 4 is a consolidated return which includes details of sales, purchases, tax payment, interest, late fee, refund etc.

Manner of filing GSTR 4

GSTR 4 can be filed in 2 manner:-

1. ONLINE- In this method, user will simply go to his portal and provide details online and file return.

2. OFFLINE- In this method, user can download GSTN GSTR 4 offline utility and file his return through this utility.

Process of GSTR 4 filing

  • The process of GSTR 4 is same as for GSTR 2.
  • That means taxpayer(composition dealer) will get auto populated details for B2B(Inward supplies received from registered supplier) and CDNR(Debit/Credit Notes from registered person) in his GSTR 4A on the basis of details furnished by his counter party (ies) in his(their) GSTR 1/ GSTR 5.
  • He will take action on such auto populated data. He can add missing invoice.
  • Other type of data which is not auto populated in GSTR 4A will be added by him and then the return will be filed.

But as GSTR 1 and GSTR 5 is not filed for the month of July-Sep, for first 2 quarters i.e. jul- sep 2017 and oct- dec 2017, The process will be simple and composition dealer will just upload his data and no auto population of data.

Thus process in online method of filing becomes:-

> STEP 1- Save GSTR 4 data.

> STEP 2- Once data is saved, next step is to Submit the data. This will freeze data and no more changes can be made.

> STEP 3- After submission final tax liability is get calculated by the portal on the basis of data submitted. Then user will offset his tax liability with ITC and CASH.

> STEP 4- After successful offset, now user can file his GSTR 4.

However process in offline method of filing becomes:-

> STEP 1- In case of offline method, download GSTR 4 offline utility from download section on This utility contains some an excel file with different worksheet.

First step is to enter data in the work sheet(s) as applicable. It is not mandatory to fill data in all sheets, sheet(s) not applicable can be left blank.

> STEP 2- After entering data in the respective worksheet(s), validate the data by clicking on validate button. On successful validation, generate summary by clicking on generate summary button in the excel file.

> STEP 3- Thereafter user will generate JSON file to upload data entered in worksheet(s) on GST Portal. This JSON file can be uploaded on GST portal and after successful upload, data will come online.

> STEP 4- Once data comes online, steps as discussed in online method will be repeated such as submit, offset liability and file.

Now, we see details which will be provided in GSTR 4.

The whole return can be divided into 2 parts.

PART 1- This part includes 8 types of details. The composition dealer will simply provide details in particular type as applicable. Out of 8 details only one sheet/ Tile relates to detail of SALES, other all belongs to details of PURCHASES.

4B(B2B)- Inward supplies received from registered supplier(Attracting reverse charge)

i.e. Inward supplies received from registered supplier not attracting reverse charge is not required to report here.

4C (B2BUR)- Inward supplies received from unregistered supplier

4D (IMPS)- Import of service

5B (CDNR)- Debit/Credit Notes from registered person

5B (CDNUR)- Debit/Credit Notes from unregistered person

6 (TXOS)- Tax on outward supplies(Net of advances and goods returned)

8A (AT)- Advance amount paid for reverse charge supplies in the tax period

8B (ATADJ)- Advance amount paid for reverse charge supplies in the tax period

PART 2- This is basically consist details of tax payment, Interest, Late fee, refund  etc. This will get calculated on the basis of part 1. Interest will be computed on the basis of date of payment made and late fee will be computed on the basis of date of filing of return.

Other than GSTR 4, Composition dealer is also required to file an annual return in GSTR 9A (Will discuss in detail later).

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  1. CA Shyam Jaisingh says:

    Dear Nitika,

    For the 1st Quarter of FY 18-19 the GST asks for Total TO of Last Financial Year and
    Total TO during April 2017 to June 2017.

    After that the only option is to SUBMIT.

    Where will the TO for April 2018 to June 2018 be input. Awaiting a revert. My email id is

  2. Siddharth Duge says:

    Non of the above mentioned system is working. We tried filing offline GSTR-4. GST portal shows incorrect version. Has anybody filed GSTR-4 ? If yes, Please provide steps. Online filing GSTR-4 is not available.

    1. Nitika says:

      Hello Siddharth,

      I shared the process and steps only. I know that system is not working presently. But once it starts to work, you can follow this process to file GST Return 4 .

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