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Finance Minister Arun Jaitely has announces on his Twitter handle that To facilitate taxpayers, late fee on filing of GSTR-3B for August 2017 & September  has been waived. Late fee paid will be credited back to taxpayer ledger.

CBEC has notified the waiver vide its Notification No. 50/2017-Central Tax dated 24.10.2017

Finance Minister and BJP Government were under Pressure from Taxpayer and Consultant across the country for imposition of late fees despite an announcement earlier in this regard that same will not be levied. Many Tax associations has already announced boycott of GST Return filing due to unjustified imposition of Late Filing Fees for late filing of Form GSTR-3B.

Tweet of Honorable FM Arun Jaitley is as follows :-

Reaction of Some of the Twitterati on the news are as follows :-

1. This is a great and welcome move. Edit option to 3B is the need of the hour- CA Satya Prasad @_Sayta

2. Thank you sir. Also most merchants dont get the input tax credit done. Please give us a solution that we can upload the bills and claim ITC- Chinmayi Sripaada‏  @Chinmayi 

3. good to see govt accepting that taxpayers don’t have to pay for the screwups of gstn… venkat @venkat1962

4. …this is ”understanding” the people and be one with them. ashok choudhury @humanity_ashok 

5. There should not be levy of penalty till the system of GST stabilises Pankaj C. Soni @PankajCSoni 

6. U wasted crucial time of thousands of Tax Audit & Diwali , you could have done this earlier also Janta Maaf Nahi Karegi @narendramodi-  Atul Modani @atulmodani 

7. Please understand the problems of people GST proves as unplanned act by government CA Sanjay Devadiya

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  1. Aravind Deshpande says:

    Respected Finance Minister Sir,
    It is a very good decision of the Govt. to wave the late fee /penalty. The penalty should not be charged for this financial year as there are huge system related problems. bless. Till the system is perfectly in place the penalty should not be charged. It will UNNECESSARILY degrades the Govt.Many traders and consultants are leads critiquing. I know the GST is best tax system but it. should have the sound and perfect system. Since I am a BJP. activist I am much worried about criticism which prima facia seems to be correct. The officers of GST depts start helping the traders in overcoming the difficulties. I am of the opinion that the Good reform should not bring bad name to Govt.If needed the. Govt may continuously review.the system. If needed can take. help of Practicener.Agriculturist.Social who are ready. to. give. voluntary helping services for some time.

  2. S Vanaja says:

    It is a good sign that our FM has started to listen to the grievances of the Assesses while filing the numerous returns under GST. Similar to 3B, the FM should announce the waiving of late Fee or Penalty for Non Submission of Other Returns from JULY. Still many assesses could not file GSTR1 for July due to NET WORK Faulty functioning. Furthermore the Filing of GSTR 2 for July is also an issue faced by maximum number of assesses across the country It is ALSO NOW SUGGESTED THAT OUR PRESENT GOVT CAN PERMIT ALL THE ASSESSES in all states to continue with OLD VAT REGIME UNTIL the GST PORTAL is fully rectified to handle the maximum load. By allowing all the states to continue with VAT from JULY 2017 onward ( With Retrospective Effect)Government will not lose Revenue & Assesses will not be knocking the Doors of the Courts

  3. Vishnu P Pandya says:

    Respected Sir late fees was not applicable from 24/10/17 then why it is appear on portal our client is not ready for making payment please try to remove this from portal.


    This is an old practice of politicians. They very well know that public is going to raise their voice every time. Therefore, knowingly, first they will impose higher tax rate, late fees, penalties, etc. Then, when objected by the concerned, they will come out with waiver or reduction, etc. They do not realize that they took 11 years in shaping and bringing into effect GST and they expect people to understand in 2 months ?


    Hope the Babus do not come up with some “ifs and buts” when they draft the notification.

    Example “Provided the assessee proves to the computer that it was the network or server or some electronic fault at the Return receiving end and not due to any fault that may or may not be due to the service provider or any other facilitator by ny name that may be used or otherwise.”


    Will also Request the FM to make availability of cross
    cash adjustments of cash account payments because small people who are yet to learn online systems have made payments under wrong cash head such as for SGST THEY HAVE PAID IN CGST N VICE VERSA that facility will be a welcome move because if u can adjust credit from one account to other why not cash accounts

  7. Dr A Subrahmanyam says:

    Not a sincere relief because if the 3B for July could not be filed (and only submitted) due to some errors, the 3B for subsequent months cannot be filed at all. Unless 3B total amendments are permitted before FILING and AFTER SUBMITTING, the problems cannot be sorted out.

    Govt should first sort out the problems and not impose or remit penalties on initial compliance related hiccups. Taxes seem to have been paid and revenue apparently is secured. When Income Tax Deptt can wait for one and half years to check for compliance on the taxes paid, why can’t GST Deptt ? Penalty should be for revenue-evaders and not for non-filers on account of unintentional system-errors.


    Will it be confirmed to the tax payer that the amount has been credited in tax payers Ledger? From the ledger when this amount will be credited to tax payers bank account? Why this double fatique?

  9. nasir says:

    Dear Finance Minister, kindly give us a option to edit after setting off the liability as due to human error it happens and unnessary tax is being paid

  10. Prashant says:

    Dear Honorable F.M. sir
    Also take the one more important decision regarding the Tran-1 . still our Tran-1 is not editable and show error ” processed with Error” , am doing phone calls and mails to GSTN help desk since more than 30 days….
    Kindly do the needful.

    With Regards,

  11. S. RANGANATHA says:

    GST ghost is haunting every one. Make it less complicated and user-friendly. Vested Interests will always try to exploit the ignorant and spread negative informations. User friendly GST is requirement of the day. Do it fast so that common man and business people reap the benefits of GST.

  12. Prashant says:

    Nice….. we Most welcome….***** this decision….

    Thanks a lot sir….. from Taxpayers & Tax professionals….

    Thanks.. Thanks… Thanks…. Thanks……………

  13. CA.Prabhakar says:

    The learned FM should understand that waiver of late fee is only a first aid for the accident happened. If he wants to prevent the accidents he should understand why this late is happening . It is because of blunders committed in programming the GST software. The freezing point after “submit” the return is the “danger zone” which is causing major accidents for delay in filing the returns. He should first take action in rectifying the same. In my opinion the freezing point after “submit” should be shifted to next stage of “offset liability”, where one can rectify any mistakes happened and file the return successfully.

    For ex. in one of my clients’ case while filling the Aug 3B they have filled the ITC cr below the line ie., in ITC reversed others column , and submitted. Because of this mistake the liability became double and the party can not pay such huge some of money and no need to pay also. Because of this, Aug 3B is pending which cannot be revised and in the sequence Sep 3B also pending . Now he is praying all the Gods that his Aug return can be opened for rectification and the return can be rectified and filed. So I request and suggest all the concerned authorities including the PM and FM to rectify the mistakes in software and make it user friendly first.

  14. viji says:

    this has become a bad pratice, first torture the taxpayer, invoke unjust penalty caused due to their own inability to provide a robust system & then try to waive as if they have been very magnanimus.
    all this is election stunt, pl understand this

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