Excel Tool For Checking Monthly Tax Data of GSTR 3B FOR FY 17-18

It’s been a year for GST returns and Now it’s season of finalizing books of accounts for 2017-2018 (Atleast for Tax Audit purpose) .

The first and foremost thing is to make sure that every GST return must had been  Filled  properly. Same data which is in your accounting software should have been reflected in GSTR 3b. However, in first year of GST, No one is expected to file GST returns with atmost 100% accuracy. Since July 2017, There were lots of Ambiguity about law, lot of problem with Accounting Software, scarcity of Accounting Staff, lot of changes in Law, slow website, lots of  ignorance of law, Late receipts of Invoices etc and this might have resulted into wrong Filling of GSTR Returns. We have prepared A GST summary EXCEL tool where  you can check your Accounting Data with data you have you have filed on GST website. Excel sheet has 3 parts.

  1. Write Monthly data  As per Books
  1. Write Monthly Tax  data filled on  GST site
  1. Automatically you Will see Differences if any in 3rd part
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