This article describes a way to download GSTR 2A in excel form and the rest of returns in JSON form and also to view summary.

To start with you have to add extensions to your Google Chrome Browser. Extensions are small programs that resides in your browser which interacts with the webpage to automate certain tasks. Security of data is not to be feared as they can only read and act on webpages and not communicate to others.

I have found two such useful extensions:

1.Octa GST Assistant

Extensions start working once you are at Return Dashboard. This extension allows you to download various return by just a single click. But the limitation is, only GSTR 2A is available in Excel format and rest are in JSON format.

However it significantly reduces the waiting period of 20min per GSTR 2A as all are simultaneously generated. The best guess as to why PDF is unavailable will be that GST portal stores all data in JSON, and PDF needs to be generated from all that data which is more work for GST servers; so the extension wont be allowed to interact for a PDF. Link for extension –

2. GST Zen

This extension gives even much advanced overview of the Returns by showing summary, charts, month wise analysis, ledgers, etc.. Still the download in PDF is not available.

So it helps just to get overview for the entire year. Link for extension –

Hope these might come in use for you and if I am wrong somewhere or you know a much easier way do comment.


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    1. ManuPhilip says:

      Well JSON files are pure data like csv given in a special format. You can open the JSON file in Chrome and see and copy and paste the data in excel, only thing missing is the formatting.

      There is a option in Excel to import data from JSON, but I am not learned to how to properly import the entire data. But it is possible with a bit of programming as I found a video – where it is done. But people are charging for such thing without authenticity. Will surely let know if I find a free tool or will try to make one. For now I don’t have any answer.

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