• Surveillance of transactions by Sales Tax Department to go up.

• Tax exemption on essential commodities, Solapuri chadars and towels, wet dates to continue up to 31st March, 2014.

• Tax exemption on currants and raisins to continue up to 31st March, 2014.

• Concessional rate on tea to continue up to 31st March, 2014.

• VAT exemption on Braille watches and vehicles for handicapped.

• Reduction in rate of tax of AICD heart implant from 12.5 per cent to 5 per cent.

• Reduction in rate of tax on certain excavators from 12.5 per cent to 5 per cent.

• Rice bran, hand pumps, water meter exempt from tax.

• Increase in tax rate of gold, silver and their jewellery from 1 per cent to 1.10 per cent and sugar cane purchase tax from 3 percent to 5 percent to raise fund for drought relief for one year.

• Increase in tax on biri, cigarette and tobacco.

• Textile for industrial use to be taxed at 5 percent.

• Tax on paver blocks to be increased from 5 percent to 12.5 percent.

• Financial Institutions liable to pay stamp duty on mortgage deeds.

• Increase in excise duty on country liquor, I.M.F.L. and strong beer.

• Increase in tax on Lottery.


Economic Review of the State :

• During 2012-13 Gross State Domestic product is expected to increase by 7.1%.

• For the year 2011-12 Per Capita State Income estimate at Rs. 95,339.

State Annual Plan :

• Size of Annual Plan of the State Rs.46,938 crore.

• Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan Rs. 4,787.68 crore.

• Tribal Sub Plan Rs. 4,177.48 crore

• District Plan (General) Rs. 5,200 crore.

Agricultural and Allied sectors :

• The Provision for the scheme of Providing Agriculture Loan at subsidized rate Rs. 346.75 crore.

• To Keep Buffer Stock of Fertilizers Rs. 53.50 crore.

• For Various Agricultural Development Programmes Rs. 751.04 crore

• For Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme Rs.787.39 crore.

• Provision For Irrigation Projects Rs. 7249.70 crore.

• Maharashtra Water Sector Improvement Projects Rs. 400 crore for rehabilitation of canal and distribution works.

Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Fisheries :

• Poultry Development, Distribution of Goat Unit, Artificial insemination for heredity improvement and milk production Rs. 68 crore.

• Distribution of fodder seeds, chalfcutter, silage making and grass land development including grass reservoirs Rs. 43.97 crore.

• Development of Fishing Jetties Rs. 25 crore.

• Mechanisation of Fishing Boats, Preservation and Marketing of Catch Fish-Rs.37.65 crore.

Various Measures On Scarcity Situation :

• Provision For Supply of Water Rs. 850 crore.

• Provision For Fodder Supply Rs. 186 Crore.

• National calamity response fund Rs. 1050 crore.

Industry :

• For Industrial Promotion Subsidy Rs. 2500 crore.

• Electricity subsidy for Powerlooms Rs. 939 crore.

• Allied and basic infrastructure for promotion of Industry Rs.123.11 crore.

Health :

• Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandai Yojana Rs. 325 crore.

• Construction of Health Institutes Rs. 477.98 crore.

• National Rural Health Mission Rs. 500 crore.

Education and Sports :

• Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and Rashtriya Madhymik Shiksha Abhiyan Rs. 711.50 Crore.

• Provision for Girls Hostel Rs. 100 crore.

• Non salary Grants for Granted Private Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary School Rs. 266.82 crore.

• Computer Training Programme Rs. 452 crore.

• Providing Educational Material to the Student Rs. 193 crore.

• Provision For State Sports And youth Policy Rs. 150.83 crore.

• Technical Education Quality improvement Programme Rs. 80 crore.

Water Supply and Sanitation :

• National Rural Drinking Water Programme Rs. 200 crore.

• Rural Dalit Vasti Water Supply and Sanitation Rs.60 crore.

• Maharashtra Sujal Nirmal Abhiyan Rs. 145.45 crore.

Infrastructural Development :

• Road Development Rs. 2716.67 crore.

• Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Rs.120 crore.

• Viability Gap Funding For Four Laning Works Rs. 175 crore.

• Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana Rs. 64crore.

• Mihan Project Rs. 200 crore

• Railway Projects Up-gradatation of Railway Tracks Rs. 63.72 crore.

• For Aviation Projects and Modernization of Airports Rs. 240.69 crore.

Enegry :

• Projects of Mahajeneco Rs. 1902 crore.

• Hydro Electric Prjects Rs. 196.47 crore.

• Government Contribution for Various Projects of Mahadiscom Rs. 409.42 crore.

• Share Capital for the Projects of Mahatransco Rs. 300 crore.

• Non-conventional Energy Sources Development Rs. 80 crore.

Urban Development and Housing :

• Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission Rs. 1600 crore.

• Maharashtra Survarna Jayanti Nagarotthan Mahabhiyan Rs.650 crore.

• Assistance for Amenities Developments for Newly Created/ Newly added areas of Urban Local Bodies Rs. 20 crore.

• Scheme of Basic Services to Urban Poor Rs. 220 crore.

• Rajiv Awas Yojana Rs. 40 crore.

Welfare of Schedule Castes, Schedule Tribes and Weaker Section :

• Aam Admi Vima Yojana Rs. 34.29 crore.

• Financial Assistance to Families belonging to Schedule Casts for construction of dwelling units Rs. 320 crore.

• Construction of Tribal Ashram Schools, Hostels and other works Rs. 501.38 crore.

• Golden Jubilee Pre-Matric Scholarship for Tribal Rs. 203.68 crore.

• Thakkar Bappa Adivasi Vasti Sudhar Yojana Rs. 245.23 crore.

• Electrification In Tribal Areas Rs. 82.89 crore.

• Programme for Health In Tribal Area Rs. 244.33 crore.

• Minority Development Rs. 280 crore.

• Janashree Bima Yojana Rs. 12 crore.

Women and Child Development :

• Nutrition Programme for children in age of 0 to 6 and Pregnant woman and Lactating Mothers Rs. 1264.76 crore.

• Rajiv Gandhi Sabala Yojana Rs. 110.78 crore.

Home Department :

• Modernization Of Police Force Rs. 317.17 crore.

• Installation of CCTV Surveillance Rs. 149.78 crore.

Rural Development and Tourism :

• Backward Regions Grant Fund Rs. 309 crore.

• Rural Pilgrimage Development Scheme Rs. 25 crore.

• Kokan Rural Tourism Rs. 50 crore.

• To Develop Infrastructure For Tourism and Land Acquisition of Land for Sea World Project in Sindhudurg Rs. 285 crore.

Planning Department :

• Development Plan for Taj Bagh area at Nagpur Rs. 20 crore.

• Development Plan for Seva Gram At Wardha Rs. 30 crore.

Constructions of Building :

• Constructions of Administrative Buildings, Government Quarters, Various Government Offices Rs. 118.08 crore.

• Constructions of Administrative Building and Government Quarters of Zilaparishad/Panchayat Samiti Rs. 55 crore.

• Constructions of Residential Buildings for Police Rs. 100.30 crore.

• Constructions of Police Stations and Office Buildings Rs.88 crore.

• Constructions of Court Buildings and Residential Quarters for Judges Rs. 213.60 crore.

• Constructions of Godowns Rs. 24 crore.

• Constructions of Administrative Building under Revenue Departments.133. 66 crore.

Development of Marathi Language :

• Provision for Various Programmes for Preservation and Development of Marathi Language Rs. 15.60 crore. Cultural Activities :

• For Preservation and Conservation of Historical Heritage of Monuments and Museums Rs. 37 crore.

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