pri E-Way bill in case of Transit Sale or delivery to third Party E-Way bill in case of Transit Sale or in case of delivery to third Party

As we all know E way bill is applicable to raise for interstate transaction more than 50,000 also need to raise for intra state transaction more than 50,000 but intra state is not applicable for all states.

Everyone one has doubt to how to raise e way bill in case “Bill to Ship to” terms.

Firstly we all need to understand “Bill To Ship To”. When we purchase goods from anyone and direct deliver the goods to third party (purchaser). It called “Bill To Ship To”.

Let’s taken an example to understand in a better way:

A seller of West Bengal sold goods to B in Goa and B sold goods to C in Odisha. But goods are direct deliver by A from West Bengal to C Odisha.

In this case A has to raise a eway bill in the name of B and in the place of  Bill To in way bill the details of B has to be given and  in the place of Ship To address of C which is Odisha address has to be given because destination place is Odisha. Important part is in this term only one eway bill is enough for movements of goods.

But also B has to raise E way bill for his records and documentation. B can raise e way bill at any time before dispatching of goods at Odisha. B has to raise an e way bill where he has to mention bill from (self details automatically taken) and in the place of “Dispatch From” address of A because the goods actually dispatched from the place of A.

Also B can mention same transporter details as mentioned by A if there is no change in transporter between dispatch to deliver. If there any change occur after raising way bill also B can update their vehicle details at e way bill portal in the section of Update vehicle details.

I hope this article is helpful.

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  1. vikram bafna says:





  2. Sagar Domadiya says:

    A seller of Maharashtra sold goods to B in Gujarat,B sold goods to C in Gujarat and C further sold goods to D in Maharashtra. But goods are direct deliver by A from Maharashtra to D at Maharashtra value is Rs. 500000 who will issue E way bill

  3. Ravindra says:

    A seller of Maharashtra sold goods to B in Maharashtra and B sold goods to C in Noida. But goods are direct deliver by A from Maharashtra to C Noida value is Rs. 500000 who will issue E way bill

  4. jayaraman2002 says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please throw me a light on a case which is similar to Bill to Ship to.
    I am B in Karnataka. My supplier is A in Gujarat. My customer C is in Telangana. I dont want A to know C and vice versa. I want to maintain confidentiality in business. My payment terms with A is ex-warehouse. I appoint my transporter and instruct him to pickup from A’s warehouse.

    1. A has raised an invoice to B with Origin as Gujarat and Destination as Karnataka and handed over to the transporter of B

    2. B raised an invoice(digitally signed invoice) to C and instructed the transporter to move this shipment to C, in telengana.

    Here I cannot use BILL to Ship to because, Shipper A will come to know about my customer C and viceversa and its a business threat to B.

    Is there any violation in these type of transaction??

    Pls clarify

  5. vikash says:

    A ( Karnataka ) Sold goods to B(Kolkata) which is shipped to C(Manipur) which again in turn ask B to route it to D(Gujrat) in same vehicle. What should be pattern

  6. Suva Jha says:

    Sir / Madam,

    I am from Delhi and my client who is in Haryana has placed an order and has asked me to deliver the goods in Delhi only. Value is more than 50000. How should I issue e-way bill ? as the portal auto fills shipment pn code?
    Kindly help.

  7. Emeka Bossman says:

    Please, what of in a situation where your clients want to pay for the goods at the delivery, maybe because they are afraid of losing their money. How will you get your money if the goods is been sent through a transport company?

  8. pranjal Garg says:

    I have a query in case we are shifting our office from Noida to Gurgaon Whether E way Bill is applicable on The Office Documentation?

  9. Mohammad Yunus says:

    Mr A is Dealer of Rajasthan. goods purchase from Dealer Mr B of Gujrat and and Mr A request to Mr B goods Handover to Mr C in Rajasthan. In the such case who is issue invoice and way bill and whose name. Please clear all isue in such supply

  10. yogesh says:

    we manufacture small transformers some times we send material for jobwork in other states transformer mainly make with two parts copper and steel lamination our price with supplier is fix for both so when we send material from our company it is 500 for copper and 70 for steel every time but in bill to ship to case due to fluctuation it is sometime 495 or 515 for copper and 68 or 72 for steel my question is what will be our challan value for supplier in this case as our settle price is 500for copper and 70 for steel pl. suggest

  11. Dear Sir,

    We are turkey solutions providers, ourt all vendors dispatching material direct to our Client with E way bill and client address. If material directly diaptched to client place by our vendors then is it required again E way bill for our invoice to our client. Our client demanding e way bill but its delivered by our vendors so can I generat other Way bill, our prices and amount is differnt

  12. ganapathi iyer says:

    We have purchased materials from A (LOCAL) and instructed A to deliver the materials at the warehouse.While selling we have informed our client to lift the materials from the same ware house where A has delivered the goods.I n this case is E Way bill necessary

  13. Biren Panchal says:

    Good Morning Mam,
    My company is registered from gujarat, procuring material from mumbai and I need to send the material to my client which is also located in mumbai,

    Now I would like to send the material directly to mumbai to mumbai,

    what is process to generate e-way bill?

  14. devendra says:

    if i send material to job work to my vendor “A” and wants to deliver directly to my customer “B” from vendor “A”‘s place how it will be deal in ewaybill

  15. HARIOM SHARMA says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    We are third party logistics provider in consignee end and my warehouse is away from delivery point in same district around 10 km.
    We are received all goods in our warehouse by different transporter from 2500 km and we stock the same in our warehouse with same (proper invoices).
    After that we are delivery the same consignments with proper invoices but e way bills has been expired.
    How can we deliver to consignee of the same with e way or without then.
    invoices is proper but e way bill has been expired.

  16. Laxman B.Puthran says:

    Dear Sir,
    In our case our company based at Mumbai purchase goods from Delhi and instead of bringing goods to Mumbai we have instructed the seller at Delhi to dispatch the goods to say about five locations across the country. We instructed our supplier at Delhi to raise five invoices to us ( Mumbai) and generate the Eway bill where in the first part of E-way supplier at Delhi will fill their details and second part-( bill to) they will fill our detail and in address column (ship to_ they fill address of my client at different locations. After that we will take the receipt of goods in Mumbai and generate five separate invoices to our five purchaser across the country for that we will not raise eway bill as the physical movement of goods not done from Mumbai. Please advise this process is correct or not.
    Thanks & regards

  17. Jayesh says:

    I am trading company A in maharastra I am manufacturing goods at Gujarat in other company B but I got Oder from company C witch is in Punjab.

    Now I have to send goods directly from B to C, so how I will prepare e way bill and send direct material from B to C.

  18. ARUN KUMAR says:

    what are the documets in case of your example A west bengal transporter should carry while delivering to C at odisha.

    A WAY BILL to B and invoice. and does he have to carry A WAY BILL and invioice to C

  19. Firoze Aayer says:

    This is the scenario of within state transport of Goods worth above Rs. 50,000/-.

    Person X sells goods to Person Y who is a trader (this is hand delivery sale). Here goods aren’t physically moved – it’s still in Person X’s godown.

    Subsequently, Person Y sells it to Person Z (through motorized transport).

    Who shall be complied to issue E-Way bill ?
    Does Person X also need to issue E-Way bill ?? even if its a hand delivery sale ??

  20. Vinod Rathi says:

    SIR, I have a question that A (Kolkata) dispatched material to C (Odisa) on order of B (Haryana) . but in transit B divert same consignment to D (Maharashtra) . Then how B can generate E Way bill to deliver consignment to D (Maharashtra) & how calculate the distance from middle.

    Kindly give your opinion

  21. Ajay Panigrahi says:

    Dear Udaya,
    Instead of three registered persons in this chain of supplies, if there will be four registered person i.e. A instruct B to deliver goods to at C but then C instruct to deliver at D.
    Please reply.
    Thanks & regards,
    Ajay Panigrahi

  22. Udaya Chandran says:

    Dear Priya,

    I think there is no need for ‘B’ to generate any eway bill as the same is already generated by ‘A’. The purpose of generating the eway bill is for the movement of goods only. The same is already covered in the eway bill generated by ‘A’. There is no movement of goods in the second case, which already covered.

  23. k c lau says:

    what if A customer ordered from Haryana for a value of 3 lakh for 10 nos. of goods to B at Delhi . And B have to deliver at goods to multiple locations in India whereas 1 single items prices less then 50000. How to issue eway bill in this process.

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