The due date of filing of GSTR 3B has been extended by the Govt. till 25 August 2017, still many taxpayer has so many question in their mind regarding filing of this GSTR 3B. So we have tried to answer some of them in a very interesting way of conversation between our two newly recruited fictional character – Rahul and Modi ji. So here is the conversation between the two regarding GSTR 3B.

Rahul: Can GSTR 3B be filed till 28.08.2017?

Modi Ji: Only an assessee has transitional credit and wants to utilize the same for payment of tax for the month of july can file GSTR 3B till 28.08.2017. However payment of tax should be made till 20.08.2017.

Rahul: If a person has filed GSTR 3B on 20.08.2017 without filing Form Trans 1, can he claim his transitional credit?
Modi ji: Yes, he can claim it by filing form trans 1 within prescribed time and use it in subsequent returns for payment of tax.

Rahul: Does a composition dealer need to file GSTR 3B?

Modi ji: No, composition dealer is not required to file form GSTR 3B because 3B is in lieu of form GSTR 3 which is not for composition dealer.

Rahul: In case of any error in GSTR 3B, can it be revised later on?

Modi ji: No, once GSTR 3B is submitted, no revision is possible. Error can be rectified only in GSTR 3 and if due to error, any amount becomes payable then it has to be paid with interest.

Rahul: Where should Credit notes be shown in GSTR 3B?

Modi ji: There is no separate column in GSTR 3B for credit notes. Total amount of outward supplies are to be reported net of credit notes.

Rahul: A person has 10 registration all across India. Can he file single GSTR 3B for all registrations?

Modi ji: No, Separate GSTR 3B is to be filed for each.

Rahul: If a person voluntary apply for registration in july, however registration is granted in august. Does he need to file GSTR 3B?

Modi ji: No, he is not required to file GSTR 3B because registration is effective from the date of his registration certificate.

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  1. umesh says:

    i had applied for GSTIN in 2nd July 2017 and get ARN No. in this regard. on the basis of my ARN no. I have purchase and sales with parties. but i get GST Certificate on 3rd August,2017. When I login to file my GSTR3B, there is no July month shown. in this circumstances what should i do ? please hepl in this regard

  2. tasneem attar says:

    Thanks for the FAQ’s.
    I have one more question, since the last day filing Tans -1 is 28 sept’17, so whether the transitional credit can be availed in August return.

    1. Piyush Mittal says:

      Yes, after filing trans 1 transitional credit is reflected in electronic credit ledger. You can use it for payment of tax
      of august month.

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