Vanaja N. Sarna

Chairman, CBEC

New Delhi, the 3rd April, 2017

DO No.01/CH(EC)/2017

Dear Colleagues

I am assuming office at a time of historic transition for indirect tax administration. The moment is significant, challenging and arduous. The new GST regime has given rise to apprehensions about the dilution in the functioning of the service and has led to expressions of disquiet on the transition from the present.

2. I want to reassure each one of you that we have a collective higher support and understanding which is firmly in place for our service. Our service stands on a legacy of We have always adapted to change with alacrity and demonstrated our ability to overcome the most acute challenges. There is a need for a similar attitude today.

3. As the impact of the GST law becomes more defined in the days to follow, it will become evident that when we reorient ourselves as a federal tax administration, there will be a definite positive outcome. We are already sound in capacity building and our IT systems. The duly approved reorganisation proposal has ensured that there is no negative fallout on the organisational structure of the department. We need to, however, take urgent steps to increase awareness of GST amongst the trade and industry within the short time available before the roll out on 1st July, 2017. I expect each one of you to work relentlessly towards this goal ensuring that we provide all the required facilitation at every level. We need to align our thinking with the changes that the GST shall bring forth and see ourselves as a national tax administration that has the expertise in work, acumen in enforcement, accountability in function and most of all integrity in our ethos.

4. While we focus our energies and attention on the immediate work at hand viz. the smooth transition to GST, there is no room for complacency or slackness in pursuing the goals we have set for ourselves in Customs administration. The quest for the right balance between ever-increasing levels of facilitation and stronger compliance management as well as enhanced efficiencies through technological up-gradation must We must deploy whatever tools we can to ensure that we actually deliver a better quality of service to our clients through fairness of approach and prompt grievance redressal.

5. I look forward to work with all the officers and staff of Central Board of Excise and Customs in the months to come.

Yours sincerely,

(Vanaja N. Sarna)


All Officers and Staff of Central Board of Excise & Customs

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