1. Refunds

– Refund amount entered, while filing refund application for excess payment of tax, will get rounded off now.

– Correct financial period will now be displayed in ARN receipt & Track ARN Status of Refund.

– Refund filed by UN user, downloaded in PDF format, will now show period as quarterly (July-Sept/ Oct-Dec instead of 13, 14, 15 ) and NA will not appear for refund filed for the period July- September, 2017-18

2. Registration TDS:

  • TDS Registrants whose constitution of business is “Authority or board or Any other body notified by Central/State Government or statutory body/ government agencies” can now download their registration certificate

3. Registration GSTP:

  • GSTP will now get an intimation about disengagement of their services as and when done by a taxpayer.

4. Search Taxpayer facility on GST Portal: 

Search Taxpayer facility on GST Portal will now show return filing details of a taxpayer only when the relevant button (provided for showing its details) is clicked. (This is done to take care of performance issues on the portal during peak return filing period.)

5. Return: Taxpayer who have not filed their Form GSTR 1 for the month of March, 2019 can now amend invoices of July, 2017 also, as drop down will appear for making amendments in the invoices of the July, 2017 month.

6. Return numeric character only in Shipping bill field: Shipping bill field in Form GSTR 1 will now accept only numeric character(in the cases of copy & paste to populate the field).

7. Return- Form GSTR 10: User can now delete invoices online, in Form GSTR 10 starting with serial number ‘0’ (zero).

8. Return Form GSTR 9: Now a message is also shown to taxpayer that Form GSTR-2A has been compiled on the basis of Form GSTR- 1 filed up to date and next updation will happen— on date. Now updations of Form GSTR-2A is being done on weekly basis.

New Functionality

Return: Offline Utility for filing of Form GSTR-9

  • Offline utility of Form GSTR-9 is available in the download section of GST Portal for the taxpayers. The excel based offline utility is designed to help taxpayers to prepare their Form GSTR-9 offline.
  • (refer Section 44 of the CGST Act, 2017 & Rule 80 of the CGST Rules, 2017, available since May, 2019)

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