The Centre’s policy of charging toll tax from vehicles has come under scrutiny of the Supreme Court which on Wednesday questioned the justification of imposing such charges on people when the government cannot provide smooth roads.

A bench of justices DK Jain and Anil R Dave directed the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) to explain its policy for toll tax.

“What is your policy. Public must know about it. It (building roads) should not be only to help builders and contractors. I do not understand your policy. We want to know what is your policy. Why should people pay toll tax when there is no smooth driving on road,” the bench said.

“See the condition of the road. It results in serious accident but traveller has to pay toll tax,” it remarked.

The court was hearing a PIL filed by an NGO People’s Voice seeking its direction to restrain the Centre from alleged arbitrary collection of toll tax on the country’s national highways.

Although the PIL was focused on the toll tax collected on the NH-8 connecting Delhi with Gurgaon, the bench asked the petitioner to expand it by bringing within its purview the toll tax charged in other parts of the country also.

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0 responses to “SC Questions Toll Tax when there are no smooth roads”

  1. Adv. R.P. Joshi says:

    Shri Anna Hazare has demanded that on all toll plaza the amount to be recovered and the actual amount recovered must be displayed. On some of the toll plaza’s in Maharashtra this is displayed. In Mumbai the vehicles entering are required to pay toll. Usually the distance between the two toll plaza is expected to be not less than 40 Kms. However, within the said distance toll plaza are installed e.g. Mulund Airoli Plaza and Thane Municipal area toll plaza are within 10 Kms. This is certainly illegal. Besides, the toll receipts fade up quickly and one finds it difficult to claim toll expenses. Once the pink colour receipt left its mark at the place left. Such poor quality. During holidays and sundays there should be exemption as the toll plaza becomes source of traffic jam and long ques. Hope this comment may be brought to the notice of Hon’ble Apex Court.

  2. Pramod Bhatnagar says:

    There is a strong support is needed from public on this, please keep on sending the true pictures of the roads where we travel on risk, the Supreme court should take serious action on this. 95% accidents are caused wrong overtakes or cuts  to save the vehicle from the broken roads (Gaddhaa’s)  all of a sudden during driving.

    high beam light also must ban in the night.

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