Health insurance, in general, is meant to protect your finances during any medical emergency. However, Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company Limited (ABHICL) has added a new dimension to health insurance. The company now offers rewards for staying fit by means of incentives up to 30% on the insurance premium in the form HealthReturnsTM. One could use these HealthReturnsTM to buy medicines, pay for diagnostic tests, pay the policy premiums and a lot more. Based on the idea of “Sehat hai toh zindagi behad hai”, this health insurance plan is committed to helping the insured in leading a healthier and fulfilling life.

The backdrop of this product is an idea of putting health at the core of health insurance which takes a big leap further than any other traditional health insurance product.

Distinguishing features of Activ Health Life Insurance includes:

Incentive Based Wellness Program

Developed for promoting a healthier lifestyle, this insurance product offers an incentive-based wellness program which allows consumers to earn up to 30 percent on their insurance premium in the form of HealthReturnsTM.

Every consumer is rewarded HealthReturnswhich is a cash-equivalent that could be used for paying for health-related expenses, payment of premium and also, could be kept as a fund to meet any unforeseen medical emergency. The physical activities are tracked which rewards a consumer with a ‘Active Dayz”. One ‘Active Dayz’ is equivalent to:

– Sprinting or walking 10,000 steps in a day

– Working out at any affiliated fitness center/gym for at least 30 mins

– Burning 300 calories at an exercise session per day

On earning 13 Activ Dayz, you could earn upto 30% your annual policy premium back as HealthReturns™.

Chronic Care Management Program

This health insurance product is designed to cater to the growing needs of the Indian population suffering from several chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and asthma. Aditya Birla Health Insurance Co. Limited intends to offer distinguished care with the help of its Chronic Management Programme.

Consumers who later develop any of these chronic conditions after they buy the policy are upgraded automatically to the chronic care management program with no extra premium during the tenure of the Policy.

Comprehensive insurance plan

Together with a cause of healthy living, Activ Health offers all the features offered by a traditional health insurance product:

  • Several options for choosing zones(cities)
  • Wide network of hospitals, diagnostic centers and pharmacies
  • Annual cumulative bonus in case of no claims
  • Options to choose the room type during hospitalization

Keeping your Health on Track with the Activ Health App

Keeping in mind the busy lifestyles of the insured and ensuring a pro-health digital ecosystem, the company has developed the “Activ Health app” which will help consumers.

  • This app syncs with fitness apps available on our phones or wearable devices for keeping track of the activities
  • The app allows you to view your HealthReturns™ balance
  • With this app, one can store and access their health records
  • One can easily browse for diagnostic centers, doctors, hospitals in their area
  • One can even renew their policy using the app

Other Features

  • Yearly health assessment commencing from 1st year itself
  • Emergency assistance service available globally
  • Toll-free number for claim assistance working 24×7
  • Submission of pre-authorization request via toll-free number or Activ Health app

So, what are you waiting for? Get insured, get healthy and put your active health first!

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