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Urja Mahesh Karia

Urja Mahesh Karia

This is the one thing which keeps haunting most of the people who aren’t happy with their lives. Should I move on or stay where I am? Ask yourself what do you do fancy doing? Or better yet, what makes you happy? Does being where you are gives you joy, or does it suck all the positive energy out of you?

It is not very hard to know, the harder part comes later when you have to show the courage to get up and get going, the courage to make decisions which you never thought you’ll ever make. Moving on or choosing something new is not being a coward, its more of loving yourself, taking care of your needs and wants over the needs of others. So, does that make you selfish or self obsessed? A BIG NO. if you aren’t happy yourself, how can you give happiness to other people around you. “HEAL YOURSELF, only then can you heal others.”

Now, waking up one day out of the blue and making this decision of starting a new venture, you will feel, “can anything get anymore worst?” yes, it can. In fact, this may one be the best decisions that you’ll take in your entire life time. Also never be afraid to do something that you haven’t done already. How else will you learn. Anything which is worth having, will not be easy to get. Call it human tendency or human nature, whatever we get without any efforts and/or very easily, we do not value it much. So, if you have to work over something to make it happen successfully, then do it. You’ll be the one who will get to enjoy the benefits of it later. If you see from human point of view, all problems look gigantic. But when we look at them from the perspective of the Universe, they seem very pointless.

If you feel you are respected and your work is valued where ever that you are right now, don’t try and amend things. This is all you can ask for. Respect is hard to earn, if you have it, accept it with grace and be grateful. Better yet, if you do something you don’t like and there’s this other thing you want to do, do both of it. If you work at some institution and you wish to do something which you can do alongside your main work, then go for it. Be it freelancing other work, studying something of your choice, working part time at some place, any thing you think is the best. “The best decision is always the decision that you take, as you took it after considering the thought and making sure that it is the right thing to do at the particular time.”

It is not being educated that takes you anywhere, it is what you have learned when you were being educated. Sure, a degree or an certificate will get you the job, but, what do you think will get your job done for you? Only what you have learnt, only your knowledge of things. Why do you think some people dropped who out of school but still made it big. It was their Love for some thing which drove them, past all worries, insecurities and difficulties.

If after everything thought and done, you are still unsure of what to do,. Go and ask your Mother, what does she think. What in her opinion should be done. As your Mother is the one person who will always want the best for you, Even when you won’t. it can also be any other confidant or some person you trust. Sometimes, we miss the points which we should have noticed, that is when these people are the ones we can be dependent on. And again, its never bad or silly to take help or advice from the the people we love, as it will only be for the greater good of all.

As Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi said, “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

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