Profitability and being one’s own boss is the possibility in Sub Brokership. You can choose to become a sub broker and earn as per your will. You have the sole liberty to opt for the kind of business you wish to carry.

Based on the business model and your connections, you can make heavy profits. Stock market sub broker generally fetches you commission in high numbers.

Such is the earning capability of a person who opts for sub broker franchise.

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How to become a Sub Broker?

You can seamlessly become a sub broker with any stock broker. The process would be a cake walk if you adhere to the steps we have drafted below.

  • For the first thing, you need to select a broker you wish to get associated with and decide to go with one of the business models they offer.
  • This step is to prompt you on the documentation required. Keep ID proofs, address proof, SEBI Registration certificate, Academic records, Security deposit and other related documents handy.
  • You visit the broker website and fill in their sub broker form. There is an internal process for the next thing, following which the authorities will connect with you.
  • You then need to provide details and documents as asked. The verification process will be done on the basis of the model chosen, as some would require a meeting.
  • Lastly, the broker id and other necessary stuffs would be provided to you.

Most Profitable Business Model

The most profitable business model is based on individual experiences and capabilities.  However, the referral model deems as the most worthy one. There are multiple reasons why this model would be the go to business model for any individual.

First and foremost, this business model is pretty simple as you can simply create a network and start referring. It is as easy as if sounds, given, networking is a pretty easy task for you.

So, you can opt for a referral program model of your favourite stock broker. Herein, you need to refer individuals to the broker and upon successful joining, you would earn credits.

This business is utterly feasible since it requires no set up cost from your end and no requirements as well. Also, this model can be availed for free with a lot of stock brokers.

In short, there is a possibility of earning money and creating business while investing zero amounts.

Documents Required in the process of becoming a Sub Broker

If you find yourself in a fix and want instant information on documents required, this section would help you out. We suggest you keep all the necessary documents ready, so the joining process becomes absolutely feasible.

  • Firstly, you need ID proofs, and for the same, you need to provide Aadhaar Card and PAN Card.
  • You then need passport size photo and Address Proof.
  • Next in line are Academic certificates.
  • You may also be asked for any other documents as per exclusive norms or registration process of particular broker.
  • Another item we want you to be ready with is, security deposit amount (if any).

Conclusion – Start a Stock Market Franchise

Become a sub broker and opt for a Stock Market Franchise model, to begin your own business. People often want to start their business but its profitability and perks are often doubtful.

In such instances, you may opt for a stock market sub broker model, and get started with your business. There are multiple models provided by stock brokers, which makes it easy for you to choose the kind of business you aspire.

Rest assured, stock market is the likeliest place to start a business, since profit making possibilities are vast.


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