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India’s G20 Presidency and its Potential Benefits

The G20, an international forum of the world’s most influential economies, was founded in 1999 with the objective of improving international finance, to reduce poverty and intellectual property theft, among other goals. Every year a country is selected to serve as the leader of the G20, known as the Presidency. This year, India is the G20 Presidency.

With this responsibility, India has the opportunity to demonstrate its leadership capabilities on the world stage and spearhead the efforts of the G20. The topics proposed for discussion this year focus on global economic stability, trade, and commerce. India has the potential to benefit from its G20 Presidency in a number of ways:

  • Stimulating the global economy and boosting investor confidence – India has the stability, financial security, and economic outlook to demonstrate how nations can use fiscal policy to stimulate economic growth. As the host nation, India can showcase its ability to attract investment by encouraging foreign companies to invest in India’s markets.
  • Strengthening international relationships – India’s presence in this elite platform gives it the opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with the other 19 countries through meaningful dialogue and collaboration. As a G20 nation, India can also add its voice to the global policy-making discourse, sharing its perspective and opinions on global issues.
  • Promoting the concept of ‘inclusivity’ – India, as the host nation, can push the narrative of ‘inclusivity’ or ‘inclusive globalisation’. This concept emphasises on the need for an equitable and inclusive approach towards globalisation. The G20 platform provides an ideal opportunity for India to make its case in this regard, and to showcase its own citizens’ ability to participate in the global economic discourse.
  • Emphasising the dividend of peace – India’s G20 Presidency will also present the world with its success story in using political and diplomatic initiatives to settle border disputes with its neighbours, Bangladesh and Pakistan. India can use its Presidency to encourage global peace, and to demonstrate the dividend of peace and economic cooperation across the region.

Through its G20 Presidency, India has the potential to reap numerous economic and political benefits. Not only does India have the chance to showcase its leading economic and dynamic capabilities, but it also stands the opportunity to shape the global policy-making discourse.

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