Owing a car is a big deal especially for middle-class earning family. We take good care of the car so that it doesn’t get bruised or dented and provide necessary things for it. However, it is possible that your car may get into an accident where you will have to use the car insurance to reimburse the losses. But, what if the insurance company denies your claim due to some issues?  Having a vehicle insurance policy is not enough as you need to be a responsible car owner. Otherwise, your claim can be denied by the insurer. Here are four prominent reasons as for why the car insurance will be rejected.

1. Invalid driving license

You may not be asked about the car license while buying the car or the car insurance even though it is the basic requirement for driving the car. However, while claiming the insurance, the insurer will ask for your driving license, and if he finds out you have an invalid license, then he can rightfully deny your claim.

2. Drunk driving negligence

An accident is likely to happen if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or any drugs. In this case, the insurance policy does not cover the losses and denies the claim. So, make sure do not let any drive your car if he/she is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

3. CNG/LPG kit

If you have installed the CNG or LPG kit in the car and it is not covered in the policy while buying it, then the policy claim is liable to complete rejection whether or not kit has been damaged. The insurance company does not approve the claim if you did not include the CNG/LPG kit while buying insurance.

4. Notify the insurer within a specific time

You need to inform the insurance company about the accident within 48-72 hours. If you fail to do that, the company will reject the claim. Furthermore, if you had an accident and you continue to drive even though the engine is damaged, then it will lead to consequential losses. The insurance companies will straight away reject the claim for consequential loss.

There is no denying that 4 wheeler insurance is essential as the accidents can cause a hefty amount. However, remember all those mentioned points before buying motor insurance online. You don’t want your claim to get rejected due to technical errors.

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