PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 110 (RE-2008)/2004-2009

NEW DELHI, DATED THE 21st November, 2008

In exercise of powers conferred under Paragraph 2.4 of the Foreign Trade Policy 2004-09, the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby makes the following amendments in Handbook of Procedures, Vol. I 2004-09 (RE2004 to RE2008).

1. In the application form for VKGUY – ANF 3C, the following corrections are made:

a. Column Heading No 4 at Sr. No 4 is corrected to read as “Date of Exports in terms of Para 9.12 of HBP v1”.

b. The following is added in the Column Heading No 12 at Sr. No 4:

“in Indian Rupees as per BRC/FIRC”.

c. Column 13 and Column 14 of Sr. No. 4 are deleted.

d. The Formula in Column 16 is modified to read as under:

“(16) = (12) X ((15) / 100”

Consequently applicant can feed in the FOB value realized from BRC in Indian Rupees in Column 12 directly.

e. In the ‘Documents to be submitted’, for Drawback Scheme shipments, a copy of Drawback Shipping Bill may be submitted.

f. The Note2 is corrected for all ANFs of Chapter 3 as under:

“2. In cases the original EP copy of Shipping Bill / Bill of Export; and / or BRC/FIRC have been submitted to DGFT/Customs, a copy of the same be attached, quoting reference file number/claim number (if any) and concerned RA / Customs authority where the said original has been submitted. Wherever a copy of the original is submitted, it should be ensured that the same is self-attested by the exporter.”

2. Para 3.19.1 is corrected to read as under:

“Policy pertaining to VKGUY is given in Chapter 3 of FTP. Appendix 37A contains the list of VKGUY items along with the admissible date of export. Application for grant of Duty Credit scrip under VKGUY shall be made to RA concerned in ANF 3C along with documents prescribed therein.

Multiple Applications can be filed and supplementary cut shall not be applicable. However an application shall contain a maximum of upto 50 shipping bills.

Listed products shall be eligible for Duty Credit Scrip upon exports on or after the Date of Export indicated in the relevant Appendix. Date of Export is determined in terms of Para 9.12 of HBPv1. Moreover, the Duty Credit Scrip value shall be computed on the FOB value realized as indicated in the BRC/FIRC.”

3. After Para 3.23.10, the following Para is added:

“Para 3.23.11:

Shipments from EDI Ports and Non-EDI Ports cannot be clubbed in one application. Port of registration for EDI enabled ports shall be any one EDI port of exports, as per the choice of the applicant. In case of exports through non-EDI port, the port of registration shall be the relevant non EDI port of exports. Accordingly separate application shall be filed for each non EDI port.”

4. Second Sub-paras of Para 3.20.1 and of Para 3.21.1 is deleted, in view of Para 3.23.11 above.

The above corrections apply for exports made from 1.4.2004 onwards.

Consequently, it is clarified that for Chapter 3 schemes, admissibility shall be determined as per Date of Export in terms of Para 9.12 of HBPv1 and the duty credit scrip is granted on FOB value of exports, as indicated in the BRC/FIRC. In view of this, the exporters may file requests to RA concerned for corrections of their claim value, if any.

This issues in Public interest.


(R.S. Gujral)

Director General of Foreign Trade and

Ex-Officio Additional Secretary to the Government of India

(Issued from F.No.01/91/180/1268/AM09/PC-3)

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