prpri Procedure in respect of en bloc Rail movement of Import containers Procedure in respect of en bloc Rail movement of Import containers


File No. S/43-Gen-197/2019-20/PSO/JNCH

Date: 08.04.2020


DIN NO. 20200478NV00006I8182

Sub: Procedure in respect of en bloc Rail movement of Import containers from Port Terminals / Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT) to Container Corporation of India Ltd (CONCOR), Inland Container Depot (ICD), Mulund and clearance thereof- Reg.

Importers, Customs Brokers, Custodians including CFSs, Trade, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT), Terminal Operators at JNPT, Shipping Lines / Shipping Agents and other stakeholders are aware of the circumstances arising out of the COVID 19 situation. In this regard the request of JNPT to consider the procedure on the captioned subject so as to keep speedy evacuation of DPD / DPD-CFS / CFS containers with rail facility and last mile connectivity by road, has been considered with the aim of the CONCOR, ICD, Mulund acting as an extended gate for the JN Ports, for which CONCOR has consented. For this purpose the following is specified.

2. ICD Mulund at Nanepada Village, near New Good Shed Mulund, Mulund (East), Mumbai — 400081 is hereby declared as an “Extended Port Gate” of JNPT in respect of clearances of DPD-DPD containers.

3. CONCOR shall also act as a Service Provider in trans-shipping and handling Containers and supply of rakes for carriage of containers with the objective of evacuating containers en bloc by Rail. CONCOR shall move the DPD-DPD containers from all the Terminals of JNPT to ICD Mulund for the purpose of delivery to the Importer. The delivery shall be made to the importer at ICD Mulund only after Out of Charge is given at JNCH. JNPT shall also coordinate with Terminal Operators in effectively utilizing the Extended Port Gate.

4. Specified Customs officers of ICD Mulund in Mumbai Customs Zone – I shall be assigned the roles of JNCH in ICES to perform the function of Gate-in and Gate-Out office. In the event examination / inspection is to be conducted because the container is selected for this purpose, the specified officers will perform this function and grant Out of Charge (OOC). Such OOC is an exception to para 3 above where it is specified that OOC shall be given at JNCH.

5. Procedure to be followed for Entry of Import containers into ICD Mulund:-

 5.1 Port Terminals / JNPT Port, immediately upon completion of the wagon loading of import containers shall email the Train Loading Summary to the ICD Mulund duly mentioning all the relevant details as are required for carriage of such containers by Rail. A copy of Train Summary shall be submitted to the trans-shipment section of JNCH by CONCOR. All Import containers shall enter into the ICD Mulund in the Notified Area for such containers along with all the details in the Inward Train Summary.

5.2 The Gate officer shall verify Inward Train Loading Summary and check Container number, Seal number and integrity of seal while permitting the entry of the Container into ICD Mulund. In case, the Officer finds that the Container / Seal has been tampered with, the mandatory examination would be carried out by the Customs.

5.3 If an Import container is selected for inspection / examination by the Risk Management System, then RMS instructions shall be executed by the Customs officers and such container shall be inspected / examined at ICD Mulund. Thereafter, such inspected /examined containers shall be re-sealed by the Customs Officer using bottle seal (OTL) immediately in the presence of Examination Officers and Importer / CHA.

5.4 On completion of inspection or examination, as the case may be, the specified officer assigned the role of JNCH shall give OOC in the System as the exception mentioned in Para 4 above.

5.5. Once OOC is granted, three copies of the Bill of Entry will be generated. The 00C granted container(s) shall be delivered to the Consignee/Importer with the 00C copy (Custodian Copy) of the Bill of Entry as well as the gate-pass issued by the ICD Mulund.

6. Procedure to be followed for delivery of Import Containers from ICD Mulund:

6.1 For taking delivery of the container, importer shall obtain OOC from RMS Facilitation Center at JNCH.

6.2. The Importer will take delivery of container from ICD Mulund by producing copy of Bill of Entry and gate pass, upon which the Gate officer shall allow the clearance with an endorsement on the OOC duly mentioning the cross reference number of the Gate-out order of ICD Mulund.

7. Responsibility of CONCOR in handling / delivering of import containers in addition to those stated elsewhere in this PN:

7.1 Trans-shipment of DPD-DPD containers from JN Ports / Terminals to ICD Mulund by rail shall be the responsibility of CONCOR.

7.2. In respect of containers received at the Extended Port Gate at ICD Mulund, the Custodian shall be CONCOR.

7.3 CONCOR to issue advisory for Importers prescribing timeline for obtaining the deliveries for Import containers.

7.4 CONCOR shall provide facilities for verification of container number and seal by Customs Officers and facilitate proper on-wheel inspection of DPD containers by Customs at the entry gate. If Bill of Entry is selected by RMS as open and examination, based on the request from the Customs, CONCOR have to facilitate open examination of the said container.

7.5 The Container Scanning Division (CSD), JNCH will share the list of containers selected for scanning with the Port/Terminals and CONCOR everyday at 12:00 Hrs. The JC in,charge of CSD, JNCH will ensure this. If any container is selected for scanning all containers of that Bill of Lading shall neither be handed over to CONCOR by JN Ports / Terminals nor CONCOR shall take up such containers for trans-shipment.

7.6. CONCOR shall facilitate expeditious handling / delivery of the containers by deploying adequate manpower and machinery.

7.7. CONCOR shall intimate the reasonable tariff for import containers and free time granted by them for storage taking into account the extant guidelines including those issued by various authorities relating to COVID 19 situation.

7.8. CONCOR will handover a copy of the Gate Pass to the Gate Officer at the ICD Mulund as a proof of delivery of the container.

7.9. CONCOR shall comply with the provisions of the HCCA Regulations, 2009 as amended and also execute necessary Bond for the purpose of enabling this facility.

7.10. CONCOR shall submit a monthly report of importers availing enbloc Rail movement facility to Deputy / Assistant Commissioner in charge of ICD Mulund with a copy to Deputy / Assistant Commissioner (PG), NS-General, JNCH.

8. In terms of this Public Notice the DPD-DPD procedure as per FN No 63/2008 dated 01.09.2008 as amended stands temporarily revised. The movement of DPD-DPD containers from JN Ports / Terminals to CFSs shall be stopped from the 00.00 hrs of 10.04.2020 except for containers referred in Para 7.5 above. From 00.00 hrs of 10.04.2020 till 00:00 hrs of 13.04.2020 the JN Ports / Terminals will allow delivery of DPD-DPD containers to importers at Port / Terminal gate. The PN shall come into effect in its entirety from 00:00 hrs of 13.04.2020.

9. In case of any difficulty in implementation, the specific issue may be brought to the notice of Additional Commissioner, CCSP Cell, JNCH, (email address:, mobile-9769274477). Action to be taken in terms of decisions conveyed in this Public Notice should be considered as Standing Order for the purpose of officers.

10. In so far as the other types of import containers namely DPD-CFS or CFS Containers are concerned, the Importers, Trade, Customs Broker, Shipping Lines etc may also opt to carry out amendment in the Bill of Lading and IGM for ICD Mulund so that the Import Cargo can be cleared at ICD Mulund by following the SMTP procedure for movement of containerized cargo from gateway ports to hinterland ports laid down vide Board’s Circular No. 46/2005-Cus dated 24.11.2005.

(Sanjay Mahendru) 
NS-General, JNCH


1. The Principal Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Customs Zone —I, NCH, Mumbai

2. The Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Customs Zone — II, JNCH

3. The Chairman, JNPT.

4. NSICT / NSIGT / GTI / BMCT / JNPCT / The Group General Manager, CONCOR, JNPT / CONCOR ICD Mulund, All for compliance

5. The Commissioner of Customs, General, NCH, Mumbai for necessary action.

6. The Commissioner of Customs, NS-I,II,III,V, JNCH.

7. All Additional Commissioners / Joint Commissioner / Deputy Commissioner/Assistant Commissioners — Mumbai Customs Zone-II.

8. The AC (EDI), JNCH for uploading on website.


10. Notice Board.

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