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Government of India
Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Department of Commerce

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Policy Circular No.  03/2009-14  

   Dated: 27th August 2009

Subject: Automatic Endorsement of Additional Items permitted for imports under Target Plus Scheme (under Para 3.7 – FTP RE2004 / FTP RE2005) and under DFCE for Status Holders Scheme (under Para (vi) of EXIM Policy (RE2003)).

Representations have been received from the Marine Sector that they are unable to fully utilize the benefits granted under the abovementioned schemes. Accordingly, in consultation with Department of Revenue (Ministry of Finance), it has been decided that use of the Duty Credit Scrips of the Marine Sector, issued under the abovementioned schemes, are permitted for import of the some additional items.

2.  In view of the above, the following shall be automatically endorsed on all Duty Credit Scrips (DFCEs) issued under the abovementioned schemes for the Marine Sector:

“Marine Sector beneficiaries of Target Plus Scheme (Para 3.7 – FTP RE2004 / FTP RE2005) as well as of DFCE for Status Holders Scheme (Para – EXIM Policy (RE2003)) shall have the flexibility of importing additional items listed in Annexure to this Policy Circular.“

This issues with the approval of DGFT.


(A.K. Singh)
Joint Director General of Foreign Trade


All Regional Authorities

All Customs Authorities

[Issued from F.No.01/91/180/1845/AM09/PC-3]

Annexure to Policy Circular No.  03 /2009-14  Dated:   27th August 2009

1.  Breadcrumbs

2. Batter

3. Flavouring Oil

4. Food Colours

5. Monosodium Glutamate

6. Flavouring extracts, and sauces

7. Pre-formed HIPS Containers

8.  Polyurethane and Polystyrene containers meeting buyers’ requirements

9. Printed Plastic Pouches for Packing buyers brand

10. Food grade Phosphates

11.  Food tenderizers

12.Food enzymes

13.  Food marinates

14.  Starch(Wheat/Non-Wheat)/ Pre-gelatinized Starch

15.  Sucrose

16.  Sodium Chloride

17.   Seasoning salts / Acids such as Sodium Carbonate, Potassium Hydrogen tartrate

18. Oleoresins/Spice Extract

19.   Natural Edible gum

20.  Anti-Oxidents,BHT/EDTA/Sod,or Pot.Metabisulphite

21.  Soya Protein

22.  Citric Acid

23.  Sorbitol

24. Seasoning Oil

25.Gel Ice (for air freightening chilled fish)

26.  Fats/Hydroginated Oils

27.   Milk Protein

28.  Reduced Sugars,such as Lactose

29. Lecithin(emulsifier)

30. Glucose

31.  Pre-Formed Crystallised poly ethylene Terepthalate(CPET) Containers

32.   Ascorbic Acid

33.  Sodium Citrate

34.  Acid Sodium Corbonate ( Sodium biCorbonate)

35.  Sodium Sulfite

36.Active Oxygen


A K Singh

Joint DGFT

[Issued from F.No.01/91/180/1845/AM09/PC-3]

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