PUBLIC NOTICE No. 9/2015.2020

Subject: Amendments in Handbook of Procedures 2015-20 and Appendices issued under FTP, 2015-20 — reg.

In exercise of powers conferred under Paragraph 1.03 read with Para 2.04 of the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020, as amended from time to time, the Director General of Foreign Trade makes the following amendments in the Handbook of Procedures 2015-2020 and Appendices issued under FTP 2015-20.

2. Para 4.07(i) is amended to read as under:

“(i) Regional Authority may also issue Advance Authorisation where there is no SION/valid Ad hoc Norms for an export product or where SION / Ad hoc norms have been notified / published but exporter intends to use additional inputs in the manufacturing process, based on self declaration by applicant. Wastage so claimed shall be subject to wastage norms as decided by Norms Committee. The applicant shall submit an undertaking to abide by decision of Norms Committee. The provisions in this regard are given in paragraph 4.03 and 4.11 of FTP.”

3. Para 4.27 of Handbook of Procedures is amended to read as under:

“4.27 Exports/Deemed Export supplies in anticipation or subsequent to issue of an Authorisation.

(a) Exports / Deemed Export supplies made from the date of EDI generated file number for an Advance Authorisation, may be accepted towards discharge of EO. Shipping Bills / Tax Invoices should be endorsed with File Number or Authorisation Number to establish co-relation of exports / Deemed Export supplies with Authorisation issued. Export/Deemed Export supply document(s) should also contain details of exempted materials/inputs consumed and technical characteristics of export and import items, as the case may be.

(b) If application is approved, authorisation shall be issued based on input / output norms in force on the date of receipt of application by Regional Authority. If in the intervening period (i.e. from date of filing of application and date of issue of authorisation) the norms get changed, the authorization will be issued in proportion to provisional exports / Deemed Export supplies already made till any amendment in norms is notified. For remaining exports, Policy / Procedures in force on date of issue of authorisation shall be applicable.

(c) The export of SCOMET items shall not be permitted against an Authorisation until and unless the requisite SCOMET Authorisation is obtained by the applicant.

(d) Inputs with pre-import condition shall not be considered for replenishment against Exports/Deemed Export supplies made before import of such inputs.”

4. Para 4.45(a)(iv) of Handbook of Procedures is amended to read as under:

“(iv) Authorisation for Annual Requirement shall be issued only where SIONs or valid Ad hoc norms exists on the date of issue of Authorisation. However, no Authorisation for Annual Requirement shall be issued where input is listed in Appendix-4J.”

5. Amendments are made to Appendix-4F and Appendix-4J. The revised appendices are annexed to this Public Notice.

Effect of this Public Notice:

(i) Now Advance Authorization for Annual Requirement can also can be issued where Ad hoc norms exist for the resultant product. (ii) Enabling provision is made to submit manual BRCs and self attested copy of Exporter Copy of shipping bill. (iii) Other amendments made to bring clarity and harmonise documentation requirements for EODC.

(Alok Vardhan Chaturvedi)

Director General of Foreign Trade

[Issued from File No. 01/94/180/078/AM19/PC-4
and File No- 01/94/180/019/AM19/PC-4]

Download ANF 4F and ANF 4G

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