Circular No.40/95
dated 18/4/95
F.NO. 306/2/95-FTT
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue, New Delhi

 Subject : Statement of Monthly Report in Respect

   I am directed to say that it has been considered necessary by the Board to obtain the information on the collection of Inland Air Travel Tax and the collection charges paid to the Airlines for various purposes such as Budgetary exercise, replies to Parliament Questions and others. Accordingly two forms are proposed to be prescribed for collecting the requisite information. The formats of these two forms are enclosed herewith. From-I contains two parts viz. Part A and Part B. Part A represents statement of collection of IATT monthlies. Part-B represents the statement of outstanding amount of IATT from the airlines. Forms-II represent the statement of collection charges paid towards IATT, monthlies. The information contained in these forms- I are to be sent monthlies.

    As desired by the Board, it is requested that the statements in respect of IATT collection and collection charges paid to the Airlines may be sent every month from the 1st April of 1995 i.e. commencement of the financial year 1995-96 onwards as per the prescribed forms.

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