Circular No. 42/95
dated 24/4/95
F.No. 520/18/95- Cus. VII
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue, New Delhi

Subject : Local customs instructions at Bombay Airport to Air India not to allow any through Traffic via Bombay to any other points in India

The undersigned in directed to say that it has been brought to the notice of the Board that some local customs instructions were issued at Bombay airport to Air India during 1988 under which the Air India was prohibited from taking any through traffic via Bombay to any other point in India even of its own flights if the traffic is coming from Gulf points, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bankok. This system and some adverse effects on the  commercial interests of Air India, and also caused hardships to the passengers.

2.    The position has since been reviewed by the Collector of Customs, Bombay Airport and it has been decided to allow transit facility at Bombay to the passengers bound for other domestic airports notified as customs airports for handling passengers for having customs clearance facilities and to interline their baggage for clearance at final destination provided Air India ensures that such passengers are manifested in the passengers Manifest as direct transit passengers and such passengers remain in transit lounge till they board connecting flight within 24 hours their arrival at Bombay Airport. The checked in baggage of such passengers must bear a tag indicating its place of final destination. All such transit baggage will remain in Customs custody like any other interline baggage.

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