The ICC today rejected reports that the World Cup with the Indian team is a replica and maintained that it is the original trophy after controversy broke out over news that that it was a fake that was presented to the team on Saturday. Media reports today said that the Cup given to Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his team was a fake and that the original was lying with the customs in Mumbai over non-payment of duties.

Several former cricketers expressed dismay over the alleged goofup by the ICC and the BCCI.

Following these reports, the ICC came out with a statement this morning saying that the trophy presented to the Indian cricket team is original.

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  1. dattatreyahg says:

    It is strange that the most important item–THE CUP– had to face the agony of a controvercy. It is like a grand wedding reception without the bride. Well,matter has been explained by different people in different words. But following questions remain un-answered:– (a)Why was this cup with customs authorities being carried without it being mentioned in the list of items being carried/ exempted ? (b) Isn’t there a standard proedure in this regard? (c) Which was the cup being shown to the public in all the TV programmes/print media (with such great fanfare)before the tourney began?(c)Wasn’t there a single journalist/official PRO who found it fit to tell the INTERESTING story of the cup(s) well in advance– even amidst their pre-occupation with their stories concerning who ate what,homas & havans etc (d) Why was this perpetual cup brought at all If it did not have a place in the scheme of things? If it had a place, was it so difficult for the not-so-unimportant people to raise the level of approach and get the matter sorted out? After all SHRI.Sharad Pawar was there as a key figure. We are a country with a Govt which takes very quick decisions when it wants to. Look at the way the cabinet considered tax-exemption for World-Cup profits in such a reord time. Only some INSIGNIFICANT things like Lokpal bill gets delayed for about 40 years,and that too because there are very important issues like 2G etc . Thank God,no one has asked for a JPC on this!!!

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