Circular  No. 27/2004-Cus.
April 6, 2004

Government of  India
Ministry of  Finance
Department of  Revenue
Central Board of  Excise   and  Customs

Subject:  Appointment of  custodian for Air  Cargo Complex  and Seaports-regarding

             I am directed  to invite  your attention to Board’s Circular No.34/2002-Cus, dated  26.6.2002 vide which  a  set of guidelines was  prescribed  for appointment of  custodians  of  Air Cargo Complex  and  Seaports. Doubts have  been raised  by the  field  formations whether  these  guidelines will apply only  to custodianship of  new  ports and  new  air cargo complexes or  they  will also apply  to the following cases in respect of already functional ports or  air  cargo complexes (including courier terminals).


custodians notified under section 45  of  Customs Act, prior  to 26.6.2002  and  no change in custodianship or area after 26.6.2002.


custodians notified prior  to 26.6.2002 but part or  whole of  the  same premises transferred (on lease or  otherwise) to new custodian on or  after 26.6.2002.[E.g. Airport Authority of  India (AAI) is  the custodian of  Mumbai Air  Cargo Complex from a  period  prior 26.6.2002. They have   later , after 26.6.2002, transferred custodianship for  part of the Air  cargo Complex to Air  India].


custodians notified prior  to 26.6.2002 but  premises extended after 26.6.2002 under  the same custodianship.

   2.  The   matter has  been examined  by the  Board and  it is clarified that   the new  guidelines issued  vide  Board’s  Circular No.34/2002-Cus, dated  26.6.2002  will  not  apply to the  above categories of  cases. However, the conditions  and obligations already being discharged by the  earlier custodians  for such existing air  cargo complexes (including courier terminals) or  ports should  be retained and  applied to the  new custodians  also.

  3.  Kindly bring the above instructions to the knowledge of all concerned through appropriate Public  Notice.

  4.  Hindi version will follow.

D. S. Garbyal
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India
Phone No. 23094182

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