pri Wearing of Mask Compulsory in Mumbai at Public Places Wearing of Mask Compulsory in Mumbai at Public Places


No. MGC/A/DATED 08.04.2020

WHEREAS the Government of Maharashtra, in exercise of the power conferred under section 2,3 8c4 of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 has framed Regulations for prevention and containment of COVID-19 under No. Corona 2020/ CR/ 58/Aarogya-5 dated 13th March 2020,

AND WHEREAS under rule 10 of the said Regulation, the Municipal Commissioner is authorized to take any measures for containment of COVID-19,

AND WHEREAS it has been observed in some studies that wearing of facial masks can reduce the spread of corona virus substabtially from and to persons coming in contact to each other apart from compulsory social distancing measures,

AND WHEREAS I have come to the conclusion that in the larger public interest making wearing of mask by any person who is moving in any public place is necessary,

I, Praveen Pardeshi, Municipal Commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, in exercise of said powers conferred upon me hereby direct under rule 10 of the said Regulation to implement the following containment measures in the City of Mumbai –

1. All person will be moving for whatsover purpose and under whatever reason authority in public place, like street, hospital, office, markets must be wearing 3 ply mask or cloth mask compulsorily.

2. Any person who is moving around in his personal and official vehicle must be wearing these masks compusarily.

3. Any person, traffic vehicle, working at any site / office I workplace must wear the masks as mentioned above.

4. No person officer will attend any meeting gathering, work place without wearing these masks as mentioned above.

5. these masks may be standard mask available with the chemist or even home made washable masks and can be reused after proper washing and disinfecting them.

Anybody violating these instructions will be punishable under the section 188 of Indian Penal Code (48 of 1860) and will be strictly penalised and may be arrested by the police officers or the officers appointed by the Assistant Commissioners of wards. All these officers are hereby authorised to take any actions to penalise such violators stringently. These instructions must be followed very scrupulously.

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Mask Compulsory in Mumbai


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