MSMEs are playing a significant role in emergence of Indian Economy. And for benefitting the MSMEs and their smooth functioning government is taking several steps, one of the major steps amongst them is the introduction of the new definition and a new portal for the same.

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Q.1. Are traders allowed to take registration under MSME?

Ans. Traders are still not completely allowed to take registration under MSME.

However, government has been taking several steps for benefitting MSMEs.

During a meeting dated 04.06.2020 held between Shri Nitin Gadkari with the representatives of Council of Leather Export, FICCI-‘NBFC Program’ and IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry a suggestion has been given for the inclusion of traders as MSMEs.

And soon after that, Ministry of MSME vide Office Memorandum dated 01.12.2020 notified and include below NIC codes of the Division 45 : Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles to take registration under MSME:

1.  45200 = Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles

2. 45403 = Maintenance and repair of motor cycles, mopeds, scooters and three wheelers

 Q.2. Has the portal started working for registrations of existing MSMEs having UAM?

Ans. The registration for existing MSMEs having UAM have been started on UDYAM portal. After verifying UAM number on the portal migration can be done to UDYAM.

Q.3. Is it possible to recover lost UAM/UDYAM certificate?

Ans. On UDYAM portal there is a tab named “Forgot UAM/UDYAM Registration Number”. After validating the OTP, UAM/UDYAM certificate can be downloaded. This feature is very useful for those who forgot their certificate number as well.

Q.4. Is there any way to know that how many UAMs are registered on One mobile number?

Ans. The “FORGOT UAM/UDYAM REGISTRATION NUMBER” facility can be used for this purpose. Enter the respective mobile number, validate OTP and all the UAMs already registered in the entered number will be shown on the portal.

Q.5. How to amend the UDYAM already taken?

Ans. An enterprise having UDYAM Registration Number can update its information online in the UDYAM Registration portal on a self-declaration basis. For the same tab named “UPDATE UDYAM REGISTRATION” can be used. Enter your UDYAM number, validate OTP and update the information as required.

 Q.6. Is it possible to change the state of the official address of the enterprise of UDYAM registration?

Ans. No, the state of the official address of the enterprise can not be changed. However, you have the option to change the address within same state.

Q.7. If registered office of entity changes from one state to another, how to amend the same in UDYAM registration?

Ans. As mentioned above state of entity can not be changed. Entity has to cancel the UDYAM registration and have to apply for the new one for effecting the new address of the entity in the UDYAM registration.

Q.8. Is it possible to amend NIC codes and, or, plants of the enterprise in UDYAM registration?

Ans. Yes, both addition and deletion of NIC codes and, or, addition and deletion of Plants can be done. The UDYAM will be updated accordingly.

Q.9. How many NIC codes can be added in one UDYAM registration?

Ans.Maximum 10 NIC codes can be added in one UDYAM registration.

Q.10. How to update GSTIN and PAN on portal?

Ans. By using the facility named “UPDATE UDYAM REGISTRATION”, one can update the information regarding GSTIN and PAN of the enterprise.

Q.11. How to cancel the UDYAM registration?

Ans. Registered Entity can cancel its UDYAM registration by providing the reason for cancellation online through UDYAM portal.

Q.12. Can different Proprietorships be registered under single PAN number?

Ans. No, Proprietorship can take only one registration under single PAN number.

Q.13. How to correct the name in UDYAM registration?

Ans.If you have taken UDYAM registration as Sole Proprietor, the Name of Entrepreneur can not be changed. However, the Name of the Enterprises can be changed.

Q.14.Has the TReDS portal started working?

Ans. Yes, the TReDS portal started working. Three platforms are available for the same:




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