To prevent black marketing & hoarding of “Liposomal Amphotericin B” a crucial life saving drug used for treatment of Mucormycosis (Black Fungus), Confederation Of All India Traders has urged Dr. Harshvardhan ji, Hon’ble Minister for Health to take control of the drug & ensure proper supply to all hospitals through State Governments. Text oif their request letter is as follows:-

Confederation Of All India Traders

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Ref. No. 3215/1/50

18th May 2021

Dr. Harshvardhan ji,
Hon’ble Minister for Health
Government of India
New Delhi

Dear Dr. Harshvardhan ji,

Subject : Immediate steps needed to curb on likely black marketing of ‘Liposomal” salt injections. required for Mucormycosis (Black Fungus)

We invoke Your kind and immediate attention towards the sudden rising demand of Liposomal salt injections being prescribed by Doctors for the treatment of covid patients acorss the Country who are suffering from Mucormycosis. (Black of Fungus) beside other medical treatment. Primarily, the Doctors are prescribing the following medicines

a. PHOSOME 50 by Cipla

b. AMPHONEX by Bharat Serum

c. AMFIGHT by Colon Labs

d. AMPHOLIP by Bharat Serum

and also the same salt medicines manufactured by few other companies like Mylan Laboratories and Abbott Laboratories etc.

We have informed by Mr Ashish Grover. General Secretary Delhi Drug Traders Association that the wholesalers conducting business activities at Bhagirath Place. Chandni Chowk. Delhi are getting hundreds of enquiries per day since the last 5 days about purchase of the above medicines. It Is noteworthy to mention that Bhagirath Place is the biggest drug and medicine market in Asia.

Earlie, these medicines were largely used for export purposes only and there was very minimal demand in India Since this new development of Mucormycosis, demand has risen considerably but its availability in the market is very less due to limited manufacturing of these medicines.

To avoid any Kind of btack marketing of these crucial injections. we request that the Government should immediately take supply of these injections under its control and the manufacturers Should be directed to supply the injections directly to the Hospitals through their respective State Government so that the same may be accessible to the patients who require these injections and there attendants need not to rush in markets for procurement of these injection and no unscrupulous person can take advantage of the current situation and indulge into any kind of malpractices.

We are sure that it will receive your kind attention and you will be pleased to take immediate steps.

Thank you. With kind regards
Yours truly

Praveen Khandelwal
National Secretary General
Confederation Of All India Traders

Letter by CAIt requesting to Take control of Drug used for treatment of Black Fungus


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