Delhi Transport Department has taken up a major initiative to provide all public services of Transport Department in faceless manner, dispensing with the requirement of a physical visit to MLO offices.



No. DC(Ops)/Tpt/2020/

Dated: 10.8.2021



1. The Transport Department has taken up a major initiative to provide all public services of Transport Department in faceless manner, dispensing with the requirement of a physical visit to MLO offices.

2. The physical interaction will be limited to the driving test and fitness test and all other services can be availed by the applicants sitting at their homes or any other places.

3. The Hon’ble Chief Minister will be formally launching 33 faceless services in a function being organized at I.P. Estate office on 11 .8.2021. The following faceless services will be formally launched tomorrow:-

DL Services RC Services Permit Services
Renewal of Driving of License Transfer of Ownership Fresh Permit for Goods Vehicles
Duplicate DL Duplicate Registration Certificate Fresh Permit for Passenger Vehicles
International Driving Permit Change of Address Renewal of Authorization
Change of Address Issuance of NOC Renewal Permit Certificate
DL Extract Hypothecation Addition Renewal of late permit of Goods Vehicle for more than 3 months
DL Replacement Hypothecation Termination Renewal of late permit of Passengers Vehicle for more than 3 months
New Conductor License, Duplicate CL, Renewal and Change of address in CL Hypothecation Continuation Duplicate Permit
PSV Badge to a Driver, Renewal RC Particulars, Transfer of Permit
Change of Name in DL for Female Road Tax Collection Permit Surrender
Endorsement to drive hazardous material Retention Trade Certificate, Renewal of TC

4. Use of Aadhaar in Driving Licence and Registration Services :

(A) Applicants using Aadhaar

I. The applicants having Aadhaar will file online applications using their Aadhaar number. They will get OTP at their Aadhaar linked mobile which will be used as e-KYC of the applicant.

II. The service will be obtained through Aadhaar based authentication of documents and Aadhaar based e-sign.

III. There will be no requirement to upload any document except in case of termination of hypothecation unless the banks provide API based integration.

IV. The DL, RC and permit shall be dispatched by speed post, and available for digital download through an SMS based link on registered mobile number.

V. The applicant can also download the documents from Digi-locker or m‑Parivahan websites.

(B) Applicants not having! using Aadhaar :

I. The applicants not having Aadhaar or the applicants who do not want to voluntarily share the Aadhaar details due to privacy concerns, shall have the option to file online applications.

II. In such cases, they will have to upload the required documents along with uploading photo and signature as per the requirement of individual

III. In the cases of transfer of vehicle, transfer of permit and similar services, they will have to submit the downloaded forms, duly signed in the MLO offices.

IV. The MLO in-charges in the office will process such applications and send the DL & RC etc. through speed post.

(C) Foreign Nationals ! applicants temporary staying in Delhi

The procedure applicable for persons not having Aadhaar as explained above shall be applicable in such cases also.

5. E-Learner License

I. In case, the applicant is having / using Aadhaar, the learner license can be obtained through on-line test itself. This test can be taken from the applicants residence, work place, educational institution, or any other location as the case may be. The e-LL can immediately be generated through the link provided by NIC. All e-Learner licenses have been mapped with Mall road MLO.

II. In case, the applicant is not having Aadhaar or does not want to use it, he will have to apply online and seek appointment.

III. The appointment will be given for offices of Deputy Commissioner though the learner license even in such cases of on-premise test will continue to be mapped with Mall Road Zone which shall be a focal centre for manual learning license.

6. On-line Hypothecation Termination Service

The Transport Department has developed a software through NIC for integration of hypothecation data of Banks with Vahan software for issuance of automatic on-line NOC by Banks.

The ICICI Bank has offered its services for integration with VAHAN and it will be issuing on-line NOC to all vehicle owners who have taken loan from this bank.

All other banks will be requested to link their software with NIC within sixty days

7. Closing of MLO Offices

Four zonal offices namely – I.P. Estate, Sarai Kale Khan, Janakpuri and Vasant Vihar are being closed and their Vahan and Sarathi related work will be looked after by MLOs of South zone, Raja Garden and Dwarka respectively.

8. Help Desk in existing offices

Though the MLO offices will be closed for public dealing, the offices will be used to serve as facilitation centre for public who are not having access to computers to file online applications.

9. Zonal Deputy Commissioners

I. Three zonal Dy. Commissioners have been posted at Surajmal Vihar, South Zone and Dwarka covering all zonal offices. The zonal DCs will be focal point for the general public whose applications remain pending for any reason.

II. The zonal DCs will be overall in-charge of the zones under their jurisdiction, and they will ensure that all the DL & RC related applications are processed preferably within seven days of the receipt of application.

III. They will also give daily reports of the performance of MLOs under their jurisdiction, attend to any logistic or technical issues in this regard.

IV. They will also provide the focal points of public interface for grievance redressal and trouble shooting.

V. Deputy Commissioners are expected to be completely conversant with the legal provisions and instructions issued by department from time to time and act as guides and mentors to MLOs.

VI. The NIC personnel designated for each MLO office/DC office would serve as interface for feedback on system improvement and strengthening to ensure greater efficiency.

10. Processing of Applications

I. All the faceless applications will invariably be processed within a period of seven days positively.

II. The applications will be processed in two stages.

III. At first stage, all faceless applications will be first examined / verified by Dealing Assistant and only thereafter, at second stage, it will be approved / rejected by MVI / MLO as the case may be.

IV. In no circumstances, both log-ins should be used by same official.

V. The specific roles of DEO/dealing assistant needs strong oversight of MLO/MVI. Verification of documents online at this level cannot substitute the legal power of approving authority.

VI. The Zonal Dy. Commissioners will test check at least 10% applications in the first month of the faceless formal launch i.e. upto 30.9.2021 and thereafter, at least 5% applications should be test checked and a proper record of test check should be maintained.

11. Grievance Redressal

I. The Transport Department has made arrangements for redressal of grievances through three modes i.e. 1076, WhatsApp Chatbot and Online complaint log at the portal.

II. The MLOs will be responsible to look into the complaints on priority basis and each complaint should be resolved within a period of three days.

III. In case, there is a deficiency in the documents, the applicant should be informedof the same through system-based SMS.

IV. Any complaint pending beyond seven days, will be looked after by the Zonal Dy. Commissioners.

V. There could be isolated instances requiring some trouble shooting, being cases of peculiar nature or not covered under the system requirements. These will be dealt with by Deputy Commissioners at their level under relevant provisions of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, CMVR 1989 and DMVR 1993.

VI. For such cases, zonal Deputy Commissioners are hereby designated as Registering and Licensing Authorities under the provisions of Rule 3 (Licensing Authority), Rule 15 (Licensing Authority of Conductors) and Rule 30 (Registering Authority) of DMVR, 1993 read with sections of Motor Vehicle Act 1988 .

12. Public Hearing

The Zonal Dy. Commissioners will remain available for hearing public grievances in their designated offices on each working day from 10.00 AM to 01 .00 PM.

This issues with the approval of Pr. Secretary-cum-Commissioner (Tpt).

(K.K. Dahiya)
Spl. Commissioner (Ops.)

Copy for information to –

1. Secretary to Hon’ble Minister (Transport)

2. PPS to Pr. Secretary-cum-Commissioner (Tpt)

3. All Spl. Commissioners (Transport)

4. Commissioner / All Dy. Commissioners/DCA/All MLOs

5. SSA – to upload it on the website of the Transport Department



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