India has been slowly awakening to the generality of violence against women in the net sphere. Whereas it lacks a nationwide comprehensive study on the problem, the widespread prevalence of gender-based principally online harassment and abuse against women has come back additional and additional beneath the spotlight owing to the national and international media. Women journalists and various Women World Health Organization produce their political stance acknowledged on-line unit notably prone to receiving sexist and misogynistic comments that forever intensify to criminal abuse among the sort of rape and death threats. Women World Health Organization face online violence or witness various women facing abuse generally exit or suppress their visibility online. Attacks by an oversized range of abusers operational in a cycle – generally spoken as a ‘troll army’ – produce the associate atmosphere of hostility leading to a chilling impact on women’s free expression.

After the Vishakha Case, that befell in 1992, the Visakha tips mandated having molestation hindrance policy however the luxury Act is that the one that sort of formalized and mandated it for the organizations having over ten staff to think about the POSH Act and policy ought to additionally offer for the constitution of an inside Complaints Committee also called Interstate Commerce Commission.

“I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be refused by it”

The full name of the POSH ACT is Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace. Section2(n) of the POSH Act, describes molestation as unwelcome acts whether or not or not or now not directly or through manner of means of implication particularly. The act, because the name suggests is concerning molestation of ladies at the geographic point and it talks concerning hindrance, protection, and redressal. The most objective of the act is to spot molestation, forestall molestation, and supply a forum for redressal. Before the act came into being, there was no official forum for girls at the geographic point to travel and complain concerning molestation problems thus one in every of the foremost vital components of the act is introducing this forum.

SECTION 14 vastly enforced for giving a penalty to the false complaints that are made by the complainants. These complaints are created on purpose. If no proof or proof relating to such a grievance is found then it’ll be the same to be filed with some malicious intent and can be admonished beneath this section beneath the luxury Act with no excuse. A person or lady United Nations agency files such a grievance either is aware of beforehand that it’s a forgery or is aware of that they’re creating it incorrectly. They’re attempting to require advantage of the law that is created for the betterment of society and therefore misuses any law treated with strict Actions. Penalizing this person is way required so no different person can once more try and create identical mistakes instead can face cheap consequences.

As per the POSH Act, ‘sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual behavior, whether or not direct or silent, such as

  • doing any physical contact
  • requesting somebody for sexual favours
  • any sexually coloured remarks
  • showing smut
  • any unwelcome verbal or non-verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.
  • any sexual advances
  • any behaviour that is threatening an individual to behave during a sure means
  • Workplace Includes

As to keep with Section2(n)(o) of the act describes a place of job as:

Government organizations at the facet of state company, firms, and co-operative societies
Private region agencies, venture, society, trust, nongovernmental organization or service suppliers, etc.,
Imparting services which can be enterprise, vocational, tutorial, sports, skilled, recreation, industrial, health-connected or financial activities, etc.,

  • Hospitals, nursing homes,
  • Sports institutes, a lodging locality or house, etc.,
  • Acid Attack (Section 326A & 326B)

It is a grievous crime that shakes the dignity of a girl. The acid doesn’t simply damage the looks of the victim however blots her confidence too. Between 2014 and 2018, there are 1483 instances of acid attacks in our country. One in every of the most important reasons behind this can be that our nation remains a paternal society, wherever each gender doesn’t share a healthy relationship reciprocally. Not all Indian men perceive the weightage of ‘consent’. If he gets a denial from a girl he wishes, he ne’er offers an afterthought to attack her with acid.

Sections 326A and 326B were further by the legal code modification Act in 2013 to offer justice to such victims. These provisions introduced penalization to the perpetrators of acid attacks.

According to Section 326A, whoever for good or part damages, deforms, disfigures, disables, burns, or causes grievous hurt to any half or components of the body by administering acid to an individual, thus on hurt the person shall be admonished with associate imprisonment of a minimum of ten years, which can any reach incarceration alongside a fine. Such a fine obligatory beneath this section is to be paid to the victim, for her medical expenses.

Section 326B explains that attempting to throw acid shall be admonished with an imprisonment of a minimum of 5 years, together with fine and which can reach seven years.

Disrobing a girl (354B)

It involves assault or inflicting criminal force on a girl with the intent to strip down her or forcing her to stay in status. It punishes the offender with associate imprisonment of 3 years which can reach seven years alongside a fine.


Rape is one of the foremost horrific and cruel acts, an individual will consider. It’s denuding a girl of her dignity and chastity.

Rape essentially involves inserting or penetrating any reasonable object or the male fruitful half or the other a part of the body, to any extent, within the channel, mouth, epithelial duct or opening of a girl or creating her to try and do identical or applying of mouth to sexual organs, with force, fraud or by inflicting a way of worry. It additionally involves the other act of sexual activity committed beneath any of the seven grounds mentioned in Section 375 of the IPC.

The penalization for rape has been articulated beneath Sections 376(1) and 376(2). Section 376(1) includes minimum imprisonment of seven years and may reach incarceration alongside a fine.

Insure aggravated things, penalization involves rigorous imprisonment of a minimum of ten years and which may reach incarceration or a death sentence or a fine that is enshrined beneath Section 376(2).

Section 376 (D) speaks concerning Gang Rape. Wherever a girl is raped by over one man, every acting beneath a standard intention is understood as gang rape. The criminals of Gang rape are usually admonished with associate imprisonment of a minimum of twenty years and which may reach life. The Delhi Rape Case of 2012 has been one every of the foremost brutal and atrocious rape cases, ever recorded. When this the govt. enforced a quick track court system to instantly prosecute the criminals of rape cases.

Stalking (Section 354D)

This section essentially throws light weight on the act of following or making an attempt to contact a girl despite her being impartial in doing this. It essentially involves 2 styles of acts, first of all wherever the person tries to follow or communicate with a girl, even once she has expressed her neutrality for identical. Secondly, wherever a person tries to stalk or follow a woman’s online activities through the web as a media.

The penalization for the primary instance might embody most of 3 years of imprisonment with a fine, whereas the second case might involve a penalization of 5 years not to mention a fine.

Steps that may be taken for preventing them from filing false case laws

Till the time the defendant person has not been proved guilty his identity ought to stay confidential.

If the one that created the charge was proved that it was false then she has to face imprisonment and trials and punishments alongside fines if needed.

If each of the parties were during a relationship, then the court should be lenient whereas giving bail.
Before stunning a person, the police are needed to create investigations with relation to such cases.


Sexual violence affects many individuals in several countries and choices a major result on public health. It makes the leader obliged to make sure a harassment-free setting for girls to reinforce work productivity. An honest and freelance studies system, the correct and chance to express, higher and even-handed right at work conditions and suggested exceptions, because of the very fact the case is are distinct vital parts of a powerful system. For crime survivors, the physical, psychological, and emotional effects unit sometimes devastating and have semipermanent consequences. Obstetrician–gynaecologists and completely different women’s health care suppliers have a singular probability, and a responsibility, to screen all patients for sexual violence and, once known, to provide competent, compassionate, and applicable care.

Even still, people and schools ought to presently eliminate and stop this behavior, then laws shouldn’t be necessary. thus schools and parents, keep in mind what youngsters do on the net and their phones and act as if they are doing one issue that they shouldn’t be.


Disclaimer: The entire content of the note has been prepared in accordance with the applicable laws. The author has taken all the remedial measures to ensure accuracy completeness and reliability of the information provided. The author accepts no accountability identifying with the note. The reader is required to refer the important existing provisions of applicable laws. The reader agrees that information gave in the above note isn’t Professional advice and is liable to change without notice by author. The user accepts no accountability for the result of utilization of such data. This note is only for sharing the information for common advantages.

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