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The design that one sees produces a good impression on the eyes of the viewer then it’s important to safeguard the styles from being derived.

Design protection plays a crucial role within the product market, increasing the aggressiveness of the manufacturer of the merchandise, and enhancing the quality of social life. Therefore it’s necessary to safeguard styles to reward the designer’s ability and to encourage future contributions.

This paper deals with one among the outstanding legislations associated with belongings Rights, the Design Act, 2000, and primarily focuses on the Procedure of Publication of business style in India.

What Actually is Design Act?

As per the Act, the term style means that solely the options of form, configuration, pattern, ornament or composition of lines or colour or a mix therefrom applied to any article whether or not 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional or in each form, by any process or means that, whether or not manual, mechanical or chemical, separate or combined, that within the finished article attractiveness to and area unit judged alone by the attention however doesn’t embody any mode or principle of construction or something that is in substance a mere robot and doesn’t embody any trademark as outlined in clause (v) of sub-section (1) of section a pair of the Trade and Merchandise Marks Act, 1958 or property mark as outlined in section 479 of the Indian legal code or any inventive work as outlined in clause (c) of section a pair of the Copyright Act, 1957. It consists of form, figure, a configuration that is applied to a piece of writing associate degreed is created by a process be it mechanical, chemical, manual, separate or combined that attractiveness to within the finished article and is judged alone by the eyes and it doesn’t embody any mode of construction or something unjust a robot and something that may be a part of a trademark or inventive work.

Cancellation, Protection and social control of Design

Design of a piece of writing isn’t registrable in India if it:

  • is not new or original;
  • is not considerably distinguishable from legendary styles or combination of legendary designs; or
  • comprises or contains immoral or obscene matter.

The on top of grounds may additionally be used for revocation or cancellation of the registration of any style, still as a defence in associate degree infringement continuing.

The Design Act, 2000 solely provides for civil remedies. Besides injunction, financial compensation is retrievable by the owner of the look either as contract debt or damages. Associate degree action for infringement of style will solely be initiated once the registration of look.

Any foreign entity, curious about protective any of its Industrial style in India, should register its industrial style by filing associate degree applicable application at intervals six months from the date of the corresponding convention application, ie, the primary application filed within the home country.

Nature of copyright protection in styles

SECTION11 of the Design Act mentions concerning copyright once a design is registered. Whenever a style is registered the artificer of such style shall have the copyright over it for the following 10 years subject to different provisions of the act.

The copyright over the look may be more inflated for 5 years if before the expiration of the term of 10 years application for the extension of the amount of copyright is created within the prescribed manner to the Controller and also the prescribed fees area unit paid.

Requirement for registering a Design?

  • It ought to be novel and original
  • It ought to apply to a practical article
  • It ought to be visible on a finished article
  • It ought to be non-obvious

There ought to be no previous publication or revealing of the look and it shouldn’t are created offered anyplace in India or abroad, before the date of application for registration.

Who will apply for registration Of a Design?

As per the Act, anyone WHO claims to be the owner of any new or original style will apply for the registration of the look. A foreigner also can apply for the registration of the look. However, the convention followed is that if a rustic doesn’t provide the identical registration right to Indian national for his or her styles in their country, its national wouldn’t be eligible to use for registration of style in India.

What is the procedure for registration?

  • The owner of that design shall submit the applying for registration within the office within the prescribed kind, in the course of the prescribed fees, and shall state the category during which the look is to be registered.
  • The Controller shall, then, refer the applying to respective examiner appointed below this Act, to see whether or not the look is capable of registration below this Act.
  • The Controller shall contemplate the report of the examiner and if glad that the look complies with all needs for registration below this Act shall register it. The Controller might, also, if he thinks match refuse to register the look.
  • If on the thought of the applying any objections seem to the Controller, an announcement of those objections shall be sent to the soul or his agent.
  • The soul needs to take away the objection at intervals one month of communication of the objections to him failing that the applying shall be deemed to own been withdrawn. He may additionally apply to the Controller for being detected on the matter. Once the Controller refuses the applying once the submission, he might directly attractiveness to the Central Government whose call is final.

Merits of registering a Design

  • As we all know copyright will shield the code of the businesses except for the planning, they’ll be addicted to style rights. In this manner, it protects its digital merchandise.
  • It is additionally terribly useful for fast-moving industries just like the garment industry. The pace with that the look rights give a remedy for infringement will facilitate the designers in protecting their merchandise within the key markets.

Demerits of registering a Design

  • The protection that the looking Act provides is for a measly amount of fifteen years therefore the firms would rather like better to get a trademark or copyright reckoning on their article that protects for an extended length.
  • If one doesn’t especially apply for style rights within the different countries they’re solely restricted to the United Kingdom, in contrast to copyright.

Case law related to registering a Design

  • In case of M/s S.K. Industries v. Dipak Ghosh, the Court was considering a style registered with relevance a cup during which jelly was being packed and marketed. The Court was of the read that the look of the cup wasn’t novel and doesn’t show any application of mind or ability. The form was a geometrical shape and there was no originality in it. There was no specific novelty or originality claimed within the application with relevance to the look.
  • In the case of Tarun Sethi and Ors. v. Vikas Budhiraja and Ors., the Court whereas handling the novelty and originality of style control that mere modifications or changes to the antecedent used style or form isn’t enough to say it to be new or original.


The design rights area unit is granted solely to understand the intellectual labor. however but the look is taken into account constantly, the distinction between style patent and style copyright depends on the state and its perspective of intellectual labor. The protection of business style helps within the development and promotion of innovative concepts within the industrial sector. The remedies area unit offered to the owner of the look as associate degree incentive by the Design’s Act to catch hold of the infringer and shield the interest of the correct holder. The new Act effectively ensures the protection and registration of recent and original designs thereby, promoting the long run of product styles within the national and international markets to draw in the shoppers. However, the previous grants a monopoly right and also the latter doesn’t grant a monopoly right. The character of the look rights stays constant.
Disclaimer: The entire content of the note has been prepared in accordance with the applicable laws. The author has taken all the remedial measures to ensure accuracy completeness and reliability of the information provided. The author accepts no accountability identifying with the note. The reader is required to refer the important existing provisions of applicable laws. The reader agrees that information gave in the above note isn’t Professional advice and is liable to change without notice by author. The user accepts no accountability for the result of utilization of such data. This note is only for sharing the information for common advantages.

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