Penal Provisions Under Sections 84 To 86 of Employee State Insurance Act, 1948


The employee state insurance act, 1948 is the first major legislation on social security for the employees in India. It is devised to provide social protection to employee in contingencies such as illness, long term sickness or any other health risks due to exposure to employment injury or occupational hazards. The medical facilities are also made available to legal dependence of the employee who are insured person. This facility is also extended to retired persons also


The object of the Act is to provide for certain benefits to employees in case of sickness, maternity and employment injury and to make provision for certain other matters in relation thereto.

Sections 84 to 86 of the Act provide for penalties for certain offences. These penalties were substantially increased by the Employee’s State Insurance (Amendment) Act, 1975. The amended Act introduced three new sections namely, Section 85-A, 85-B and 85-C.

The following are the penalties as per the Act:

Section – 84: This section deals with penalties for making wrong / false statements made by the Insured Persons with a view to take any benefit which is not admissible to him under the Act. Under Act with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months or with fine which may extend to Two thousand rupees or with both.

Section – 85: This section deals with penalties for non – compliance with the various provisions of the ESI Act and Regulations made there under. Such non- compliance with any of the provisions of the Act constitutes an offence committed by the employer of a covered Factory / Establishment which is punishable under Section 85(a) to 85(g) of the Act.

Section – 85(a): Envisages that if an employer fails to pay any contribution payable under the Act within the prescribed time-limit, he thus commits an offence u/s 85(a) of the Act, which is punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years u/s 85(i) of the Act, provided it shall not be less than One year and fine of Ten thousand rupees u/s 85(i)(a) of the Act where employees’ share of contribution is deducted by the employer from their wages but not paid. In other case where term of imprisonment shall not be less than 6 months and fine of Five thousand rupees u/s 85(i) (b).

Section 85(b) to 85(g): Says that if an employer commits an offence under this section for noncompliance with any other provisions of the Act, which is punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extends to One year or with fine up to Four thousand rupees or with both.

Section 85 – A: This section deals with enhanced punishment in certain cases after previous conviction. If any employer convicted by a Court for an offence punishable under the Act, committing the same offence, shall, for every such subsequent offence, be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to Two years and with fine of Five thousand rupees.

Section 85 – B: Provides that the corporation may recover damages from the employer by way of penalty under this section if any employer fails to pay contribution payable under the Act within the specified time-limit or pays contribution belatedly provided that before recovering such damages, the employer shall be given a reasonable opportunity of being heard.

The amount of damages may not exceed the amount of contribution paid / payable.:

There is also a provision to reduce or waive damages recoverable under this section in respect of a Factory/Establishment which is a Sick Industrial Unit and in respect of which Rehabilitation Scheme has been sanctioned by BIFR, under Regulation 31-C, of ESI (General) Regulations, 1950.

1. In case of change of Management including transfer of undertaking to worker’s Co-operative or in case of merger or amalgamation of Sick Industrial Unit with a healthy company, damages levied/ leviable can be waived completely.

2. In other cases, depending on merits, damages levied/leviable can be waived up to 50%.

3. In exceptional hard cases, the damages levied/leviable can be waived either partially/totally.

Section-85-C: Provides that where an employer is convicted for an offence of non-payment of contribution under this Act, the Court in addition to giving any punishment by order, direct him to pay the amount of contribution for which he was convicted within a time period. The Court can also extend the time given periodically. If the employer still fails to pay the contribution and submit returns within the time given by the court or within the extended time period given, the employer is deemed to have committed a further offence and shall be punishable with imprisonment under Section-85 and is also liable to pay a fine which may extend to one thousand rupees for every day of default.

Section-86: Provides that no prosecution under this Act shall be instituted without previous sanction of the Insurance Commissioner or of such other officer of the corporation as may be authorized in this behalf by the Director General of the Corporation.

It is also provided that No Court inferior to that of a Metropolitan Magistrate or Judicial Magistrate of the First Class shall try any offence under this Act.

And No Court shall take cognizance of any offence under this Act except on a complaint made in writing in respect thereof.

Section-75: Deals with provisions for Adjudication of Disputes & claims:  If any employer or employee under the Act has any disputes/questions that may be settled by E.I. Court after adjudicating the matter if made before it, subject to the condition that 50 % security deposit is required to be made u/s.75 (2B) (unless it is waived/reduced for the reasons recorded by the Ld. Court).

Penal Action u/s 138 of N.I. Act: If employer submits a cheque to the corporation towards payment of contribution, interest, damages or any other amount due, which is bounced subsequently by the Bank for the reasons of Insufficient Fund he thereby commits an offence under this section and shall be punished with imprisonment for a term up to One year or with fine which may extend to twice the amount of cheque or with both.

Penal Action u/s 405/406/409 of I.P.C: If an employer deducts employees’ share of contribution from their wages but does not pay the said contribution, he thereby commits an offence of criminal Breach of Trust which is punishable under this section with imprisonment which may extend to 3 years or with fine or with bo



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