prpri MAHARERA: Quality Assurance Certificate- Form 2A wef 01.12.2018 MAHARERA: Quality Assurance Certificate- Form 2A wef 01.12.2018


No/MahaRERA Order No. 5/1101/2018


MahaRERA Order No. 5/ 2018

Sub: Quality Assurance Certificate- Form 2A.

Ref: MahaRERA Resolution No. 8/1/2018 dated 14.11.2018.

WHEREAS Section 4 (1) (D) of the Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016 provides three Certificates for the purpose of withdrawal of amount from the designated specific account to ensure that withdrawal is in proportion to the percentage of completion of the project. Format of the certificates, i.e. Architect Certificate (Form-1); Engineer Certificate (Form – 2); Chartered Accountant Certificate (Form – 3) have been specified in the Real Estate (Regulation & Development) General Rules, 2017.

Whereas in the Form – 2, the Engineer certifies the Estimate of cost and cost incurred for the purpose of withdrawal of money from the designated account.

Whereas the objective of the RERA Act is to facilitate growth and promotion of a healthy, transparent, efficient and competitive real estate sector, there is need to ensure quality of the work being carried out in projects that are registered with MahaRERA.

Whereas, the Section 14(3) of the RERA act mandates a promoter of a registered project to ensure completion, free from structural defects or any other defects in workmanship etc.

Whereas it is felt necessary that a certificate from an Engineer who supervises the work appointed by Promoter be prescribed, to ensure the quality of the materials being used on the project. A format for this purpose has been proposed and designated as Form-2A. This format has been finalized after due consultation with stakeholders.

Therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred under Section 37 of the RERA Act, 2016 the following order is issued which shall come into effect from 01.12.2018.

i. The Promoters who would register their project after 01.12.2018 should submit quarterly information in Form 2A annexed herewith.

ii. The promoter shall upload the information in Form 2A on MahaRERA webpage.

iii. The promoter shall upload Form 2A by end of every financial quarter.

(Dr. Vasant Prabhu)
Secretary/ MahaRERA


[ See MahaRERA order no. of 2018]


(site supervisor’s certificate)
(To be uploaded quarterly)


The_______________ (Name & address of Promoter),

Quality Assurance Certificate

(Certificate no________ for the quarter ending________)

Subject : Certificate for quality of materials used and quality of Construction and workmanship for the Work of ____No. of Building(s)/_____ Wings(s) of the _____ Phase of the project situated on the plot bearing C. S. No./C.T.S. No./ Survey No./Final plot no.________ demarcated by its boundaries (latitude and longitude of the end points)_______ to the North____ to the South__ to the East_____ to the West of Division_____ village____ taluka _________ District ______ PIN____ admeasuring ______ sq.mtrs. area being developed by

[Promoter’s Name_____]

Reference: MahaRERA Registration Number- P______


I/ We___ have undertaken an assignment of supervision of this real estate project.

1. Our Responsibility:

To carry out the work in accordance with the development permission and as per the approved plan and submit certificate of supervision of work and to carry out material testing in-situ or in the authorized laboratory and to ensure quality of work and

1. Material Testing :-

I/we, have applied following mandatory checks on the basic materials, used in the construction.

i. Cement-

It has been tested for its fineness, soundness, setting time, compressive strength etc. as per IS code 3535:1986 or as per other relevant lS/85/NBC code, or as per industry standards and its results are within the permissible limits.

ii. Coarse aggregate –

It has been tested, for deleterious materials, clay lumps, crushing value, impact value as per lS 243011986 or as per other relevant IS/BS/NBC code or as per industry standards and its results are within the permissible limits.

iii. Bricks/ blocks –

They have been tested for water absorption, crushing strength etc. as per lS 5454:1978 or as per other relevant lS/85/NBC code or as per industry standards  and its results are within permissible limits.

iv. Concrete/Ready-mix Concrete-

It has been tested for compressive strength for various periods as per 15 456:2000 and lS 1199 or as per other relevant IS/BS/NBC codes, as per industry standards and its results are within permissible limits.

v. Steel for concrete-

It has been tested as per IS 2062:2011 or as per other relevant IS/BS/NBC code or as per industry standards for tensile strength, elongation and gauge length etc. and its results are within permissible limits.

vi. Testing of Other materials

Other materials like sand, crushed sand, floor tiles, fixtures and {ittings, pipes and sanitary fittings etc. (List out all items) used in this project conform to relevant IS/BS/NBC code or as per standards laid down by the lndustry for a particular material.

2. Workmanship:-

I/ we hereby certify that work has been carried out under our supervision. We further certify that workmanship and quality is satisfactory and up to the mark and the work has been acceptable within the permissible limits of deviations as per relevant code of practice.

3. Electrical Materials and workmanship: –

works of all the electrical wiring/connections/lift installation/other electrical installations have been carried out under  authorized/registered electrical engineer and its records has been maintained. The materials used conform to the relevant l.S/ B.S/ National Building codes or as per industry standards.

4. Structural engineer: –

Promoters has engaged structural engineer Mr.——having Licenses no. ——–having office no————-.- cell no —–

The structural design of buildings in this project has been done under his supervision. He has checked the soil report before laying PCC for foundation in consultation with soil consultant. The formwork and concrete mix design has been done as per ls 10262:2009 or as per other relevant codes as applicable. His periodic checks and certificates for STABILITY and SAFETY have been kept on

5. Preservation of records:

Record of all test results of this project have been properly kept in the prescribed formats and will be preserved at least up to the defect liability period or for the period as required by any other provision of law

6. Please specify materials or any other item of work which were not conforming to the standard specifications and which were not rejeded.



Yours Faithfully,

Signature of Engineer (Site Supervisor)
License no.(if any)———–
Phone no.———–


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  1. Ariq Sheikh says:

    i have need of satiability certificate for office building/ structure steel based shed for oil filling. Can you provide the certificate.

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