Ref: IRDAI/SUR/CIR/MISC/042/2020

Date: 04th February,2020

To All Licensed Surveyors and Loss Assessors and All General Insurance companies

Sub: Allowing additional Departments to surveyors and loss assessors

In terms of Reg, 26 of IRDAI (Surveyors and Loss Assessors) Regulations, 2015, in order to expedite the settlement of claims and to widen the scope of services of the licensed surveyors and loss assessors, IRDAI hereby allows addition of departments to the surveyors and loss assessors subject to meeting the eligibility criteria. There will be no restriction on the number of departments allowed to work for licensing of a surveyor and loss assessor and the allotment of number of departments will be based on the qualification, compliance with the requirements as per the Regulations and the option of the surveyor and loss assessor.

Accordingly, the following is specified:

1. Surveyors, who hold license prior to notification of IRDA Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessors (Licensing, Professional Requirements and Code of Conduct) Regulations, 2000 and categorised by IRDA in the year 2001-02 and who have renewed their licenses continuously till date without break shall be allowed to work in any of the departments, based on their educational qualification.

2. Surveyors who are licensed subsequent to introduction of IRDA Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessors (Licensing, Professional Requirements and Code of Conduct) Regulations, 2000 and who have the required educational qualification and have completed training and examination requirements as prescribed in IRDAI Surveyors Regulations, shall be allowed to work in all the eligible departments based on their educational qualification(s) subject to their completion of training and passing of examination pertaining to the additional department sought in compliance with the IRDAI (licensing of surveyors and loss assessors) Regulations, 2015.

3. The exercise of including additional departments, shall be made at the request of surveyor subject to submission of relevant documents as detailed below:

a. All surveyors and loss assessors whose renewal falls due within subsequent three months from the date of this circular may upload request application for additional departments in their renewal application and they need not file separate modification application in this regard.

b. Surveyors and Loss Assessors who intend to add departments without waiting till renewal date may apply for modification of licence. Such applications shall be processed as modification application within 30 days from the date of receipt of complete application and relevant documents.

This circular will be effective with immediate effect.

(Suresh Mathur)
Executive Director

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