Confederation of All India Traders requests Home Minister Shri Amit Shah for a centralized plan to issue covid guidelines,in the wake of arbitrary decisions of Delhi Night Curfew & Maharastra lock down mentioning that If States take own decisions,it will affect business activities & severely impact the economy. Relevant Text of the letter is as follows:-

Subject : Increasing cases of COVID in various States

While appreciating the extensive work being done by the Government to curb spreading of COVID coupled by enhancing the vaccination drive across the Country, yet the recent surge in COVID cases in different States of the Country is certainly a matter which is going to worry not only the Government but even the citizens of the Country as well. However, like the previous lockdown in 2020, the trading community of the Country stands in solidarity with the Central Government and all State Governments for fighting COVID and providing all ser­vices wherever and whenever it is necessary.

In this context, we invoke your kind attention towards the clamping lockdown by the Maharashtra Government independently, a day before to check rising cases of Covid. We are of the opinion that this step of Maharashtra Government may be followed by other States independently which may hamper the trade to a great extent be­cause large quantities of trade is based on inter-state transactions and different rules in different states will cripple the economy and the trade particularly the inter-state and intra-state trade. We estimate a business loss of about Rs. One lakh crore in a month in Maharashtra.

Similarly, today, the Government of Delhi has clamped night curfew in Delhi from 10 pm to 5 am. We are of the considered opinion that clamping night curfew is of no use for restricting escalation of COVID. It will be better if a coordinate approach is adopted to intensify mandatory compliance or covid safety protocols including wearing of masks, maintaining social distancing, wearing face shield and usage of sanitizers.

We are of the view that curbing COVID is not the responsibility of the Government alone but citizens also have an equal responsibility to assist the Government in its efforts to fight COVID pandemic. The steep increase in COVID cases is a cause of worry for every sector and there can not be two opinions about taking strict mea­sures to combat COVID increase. However, it will be good, if trade associations may be taken into confidence before taking any such decision.

In the present circumstances Covid needs to be dealt with in the most expeditious manner, however, the eco­nomic impact of such lockdown should not be overlooked. Instead of full lockdown, other possible avenues may be discussed in consultation with trade associations in concerning States. We offer the services of the CAIT and thousands of Trade Associations across County. During the previous lockdown last year, the role of supply chain manned by the traders assumes much significance as the total population of the state or the Country largely depends upon the traders for seamless supply of essential commodities and in the previous lockdown, the traders have risen to the occasion.

We once again assure you of our best cooperation and seek an appointment with your good self to discuss the issue and in what way the trade associations can play an effective role.

Increasing cases of COVID in various States


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