FAQs on Import of Oxygen Concentrators by individual for personal consumption into India by Courier Mode

Q.1 Can an individual send an oxygen concentrator to an Individual in India via courier mode?

Ans. Yes.

Q.2 At the time of booking shipment at origin what paperwork does the shipper have to provide to the courier company and what care must be taken?

Ans. 1) Invoice, 2) Courier Air Waybill (AWB) 3) Be aware what is the expected date of delivery

(a) Ensure that the consignee name, address, valid email ID and mobile no, on Courier Airway bill and Invoice match with the consignees KYC document.

(b) Invoice must mention the correct / bonafide value which is paid or payable for procuring the goods even if supply to consignee is free of cost

(a) Mention clear product description and don’t give vague description like “Medical equipment”

(d) Ensure the correct quantity is mentioned

(e) Invoice must be typed or printed in English

(f) Errors and omissions in point ‘a’ to ‘e’ will result in considerable clearance delays or shipment not being cleared. In such a scenario Indian Customs or courier company cannot be held responsible.

Q.3 Can the shipper pay destination duties and taxes?

Ans. Yes, shipper can pay destination duties and taxes by opting for Delivery Duty Paid (DDP). Contact courier company to check if DDP option is available.

Q.4 Does consignee need to submit any documents for clearance of shipment at destination?

Ans. Yes, Consignee needs to submit in advance their valid Know Your Customer (KYC) document (Aadhai; Passport, Driving License, PAN + Address proof) to the courier company through whom the shipment has been booked. Without submission of KYC document, shipment clearance will not be undertaken.

Q.5 Are any duties and taxes applicable for oxygen concentrators import by individuals?

Ans. Customs Duty is exempted but IGST @12% on CIF (Cost + Insurance + Freight) value assessed is payable for import by individuals.

Q.6 Can Oxygen Concentrator be sent as a gift? Will it be exempted from duty?

Ans. Yes, it can be sent as a gift. Customs duty is exempted but IGST @12% on CIF (Cost + Insurance + Freight) value assessed is payable for import by individuals.

Q.7 Can a used / refurbished oxygen concentrator be shipped to India?

Ans. No.

Q.8 Who to contact on shipment status?

Ans. Shipper or consignee may call customer service of courier company through whom the shipment has been booked. Shipper or consignee may also check shipment (Indian Customs) clearance status on https://eccsmobility.cbic.gov.in/eicimobility/

Q.9 Who must submit/ provide the Consignee KYC?

Ans. Consignee whose name appears on the Airway bill, must provide the KYC to the courier company.

Q.10 Post clearance at destination, can contactless delivery be done by the courier company?

Ans. Yes, most courier companies have the option of contactless delivery. Please  contact courier company.

Q.11 If due to unfortunate scenario the consignee is not able to provide KYC, will customs clearance be done?

Ans. No, if KYC is not provided customs clearance will not be initiated. Hence,  shipper to be responsible to ensure shipment is sent only in the name of the person who has valid KYC and can provide the same to the courier company.

Q.12 To know shipment status whom should I contact?

Ans. Please contact the courier operator. Take all details of the courier opera tor before booking the shipment. Do not succumb to fraudsters and cheats.

Check before you book


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