In the Era where Information is available on the tip of our hands and the technology changing hastily, we sure need to adapt ourselves for the New Normal.

Not only Masks, Sanitizers and Precautions are the New Normal but some of the things that come along in the basket for a swifter functioning of our professional environment:

Optimistic Attitude:

The entire world is talking about optimism and we know the importance but there are times we get neutral and we don’t know what to do. There are clouds of fear that gather around making the optimistic goal fade away.

It also gets affected with so many things happening at the same time frame, the only way to filter or move forward is by capturing the opportunities available and that is possible only when we stop focusing on the Weaknesses and Threats (Pessimistic Attitude). Pessimism creates a resilience to change and learning, while an optimistic keeps learning and adapting to the environment, just like how the river keeps flowing.

Environment has always been unrealistic, no one expected a Flood or for that matter an explosive in Lebanon, but the same way our goals seem unrealistic until we achieve them.

Awareness of the Environment:

Being Aware of the Environment that we are surrounded by is of utmost important, understanding what’s new in the technology front and how it can be helpful helps the organisation be ahead of others and focus on the core activities.

But only awareness of the outer situation without seeing the compatibility with what is on the inside will only create an imbalance. At times we get aware of the cons of some technology even before we know about its pros. And just because we get aware about the Cons before we tend to have a strong belief on them, even when the Pros might be overpowering.

Patanjali Keswani of Lemon Tree Hotels focused on bringing down 50% of costs without laying off anyone, also brought down 57% of Power Costs. Tied up with Apollo and Medanta and converted some of the hotels to care centres for asymptomatic Covid Patients. 2,000 employees work in such hotels.

Building an environment of Trust:

Last but not the least, building an environment of trust around the organization is crucial in today’s times. Going back to the basics trust is when Inside = Outside. Trust not only with Clients but even Employees. Employees are the core strength of the Organisation, building trust in the employees ensures efficient and smooth working which in turn contributes to trust among the clients by value delivery. Doubting only creates fear and an environment of feeling unwanted. Large organisations have understood the importance of Trust among employees and arrange Award Functions, Traditional Events and various programmes to increase the motivation, connectivity and trust. Another way is also passing on the information directly to the employees instead of them getting to know through the Grapevine.

Even when everyone is Working from Home, top organisations have adapted to the Social events among Employees Online and its amazing to see the beauty and creativity in them.

To name a few – PwC had a quick 15min Snack Competition and BNY Mellon an Award Function that I got to know about recently.

Are your Employees motivated enough? They are your Assets..

To all the Professionals, you are the Change .. these Points though sound basic are something that we ignore in the everyday pressure, only a little focus will bring multifold benefits.


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