No. 11034/01/2020-IS-IV

North Block. New Delhi
Dated 24th March 2020


1. Chief Secretaries/Advisors to Administrators (all States/UTs)

2. DsGP (all States/UTO Commissioner of Police. Delhi

Subject: Ensuring unhindered movement of essential goods and services in the State/UTs dunng COVID-19 lockdown-reg

Sir/ Madam

I am directed to refer to this Ministry’s letter of even number dated 24.3.2020 and state that all States/UTs are actively enforcing social distancing and isolation for COVID-19 through lockdown / prohibitory measures with exemptions inter-alia for supply chain and transportation of essential goods and services in and out of the State.

While it is imperative to successfully implement the notified lockdown/restrictions. it is also necessary to ensure the unhindered operation of manufacturing, processing, transportation, distribution, storage. trade/ commerce and logistics related to all services/ establishments and commodities required for the delivery of essential services. which have been exempted under the various prohibitory orders

In order to ensure that these provisions are seamlessly available at ground level it would be necessary for each State/UT to set-up a 24*7 Control Room/Office with Helplines (at Slate! District level) to address any grievance or undue problems faced by the providers of Goods/Services including during inter-slate movement. A Nodal Officer at State. may be appointed to coordinate with the District Administration / Police in this matter. This is necessary to ensure continuity of supply chain for essential commodities, several of which may be of perishable nature

It may also be necessary to lay down a Standard Operating Protocol for unhindered operation of aforesaid essential services/ establishments and commodities including appointment of nodal officers at inter-state borders, issue of vehicular passes/e passes etc.

The State Helpline facility may be also made available to ensure adequate protection to Essential Service providers/Government or PSU employees/Healthcare workers engaged in providing essential services or requisitioned for administrative exigences in each State/UT from any unwanted stigmatization by any local person on any grounds, including their working in an exposed environment (like hospitals public  facilities, essential service facilities etc)

2 In view of the above it is accordingly requested to issue suitable directions to set-up a Nodal Control Room/ Office with Helplines in the State and appoint a Nodal Officer immediately The details of such Helpline number may be given wide publicity in the State/UT concerned It is also requested to share the details of the Nodal Officer and Repine number with Central Control Room m MHA.

Yours faithfully.

(Srinivasu Kollipaka)
Deputy Secretary to the Government of India

Copy for information to PS to KIPS to MOS (G)/PPS to HS/JS(IS-I & WS)

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