Don’t revel in your comfort zone, hard work and passion is the way to go: Boman Irani

NEW DELHI, 5 May 2017: The desire to succeed, right intentions and obstacles make a man. This is what Actor Boman Irani sought to purvey in ‘The Journey: Life, Learning & Leadership Lessons’ at a session organised by FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) here today.

Mr. Irani said “Children should be satisfied with what they do, not do things that satisfy their parents.” Comfort zones,” he said, “were the most terrible things” and added that “the moment you think you’ve made it, you haven’t made it.”

The celebrated film personality had extremely humble beginnings. He started work as a waiter at the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai. His first earning was a five rupee as a tip by a guest who paid Rs 9 for a cup of tea!

But the “creative monkey in my belly” was desperately struggling to come out, said Mr. Irani. He bought a camera, earned measly sums. The turning point came when he was appointed the official photographer for a world boxing bout. His work was much applauded and he received handsome international rates for publishing in foreign tabloids and magazines.

He went on to become a seasoned and professional photographer, mainly clicking sporting events. His advice, “If you take control of yourself, work will come to you. People know and can spot talent,” he said and added “Be passionate about what you do.”

As if to say, humility is all, Irani said, “All this does not really matter. In your mind, today should be like that day – when I received the five rupee note as tip.”

Ms Vasvi Bharat Ram, FLO President said, “The session was designed with the objective to empower the members with the essential mantras for success and help them find the keys to greatness, unlock the secrets of their ability to innovate, break the conventions, overcome challenges and generate strategies for being good leaders in their respective fields. If you are willing to chase your dreams and find the right path to success, this session will do wonders for you”.

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