prpri ilders Cheating Home buyers by Showing Sample Flat Builders Cheating Home buyers by Showing Sample Flat- Things to take care

Has this ever happened to you that you were shown something different from what the builder had shown you in the beginning? Then, you too are one of those home buyers who have been cheated by the builder. There is a large no. of people who fall prey of this tactic of the builders and end up purchasing an undesired home for themselves.

The usual practice of the builders in the Indian Real Estate industry is that when the buyers visit the project site, they are shown a mesmerizingly fancy space as a sample property with the assurance that this is what their home would turn out to be.

There is a reason why sample properties are different than the actual property, they are meant to be fancy and luxurious looking because it is used to promote the project and increase sales. It is a very clever way of deceiving buyers and convincing them to invest in the project.

The builders are aware of what the buyers look for while buying a property, thus, they create just the dream of every buyer while building the sample property. A huge no. of buyers are trapped by builders using this tactic.

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There are a few things to keep in mind while you visit the sample property:

  • Sample properties are made to lure you to invest in the project, the same might be too good to be true in most of the projects.
  • It would look much spacious than the actual property. The builders use tricks to make the Flat/Apartment look spacious by using special lighting, high roof, no doors, thinner walls and small furniture to create an illusion of space.
  • They are built at the best location in the project to give the best views to the buyers. The furniture, fittings, flooring used in the sample property is very expensive, but, the same is not offered in most cases and even if offered, the same would be of very low quality.
  • The wall paints used are of high quality to make it look luxurious and expensive.

But, they are only tactics of the builders to cheat the buyers and lure them in investing their money in its project. Therefore, it is important for the buyers to be aware of this practice of builders in order to choose wisely.

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