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CBSE/ACAD./DIR./2021/  Dated: 22.04.2021

Circular No. 31/2021

All Heads of CBSE affiliated schools

Subject: Assessment and Evaluation Practices of the Board for the Session 2021-22

In order to move towards Competency Based Education (CBE), the Board vide Circular No. Acad­05/2019 dated 18.01.2019 had asked schools to adopt NCERT Learning Outcomes; made corresponding changes in the Examination and Assessment practices for the year 2019-20 vide Circular No. Acad­11/2019 dated 06.03.2019 and the year 2020-2lvide Circular No. Acad-18/2020 dated 16.03.2020; and supported schools and teachers through online capacity building programmes under this specific theme for the year 2020.

The National Education Policy 2020 has affirmed the need to move from rote to competency-based learning making it more focused on developing the creative and critical thinking capacities of students to meet the challenges of the 21st century proactively. It emphasizes that learners must be equipped with the ability to solve problems and assessment must shift from testing primarily rote memorization skills to one that is more formative, is more competency-based, promotes learning and development for our students, and tests higher-order skills, such as analysis, critical thinking, and conceptual clarity.

Augmenting the thrust towards CBE, the Board is initiating further corresponding changes in the Examination and Assessment practices for the year 2021-22. While the overall marks and duration of examination shall remain same, change in the composition of assessment tasks would help us achieve the desired ends. Therefore, in the forthcoming sessions a greater number of Competency Based Questions or  questions that assess application of concepts in real-life/ unfamiliar situations will be part of the question paper.

The changes for classes IX-XII (2021-22) internal year-end/Board Examination are as under:

The changes for classes IX-X

changes for classes XI-XII

Curriculum document released by the Board vide Circular No. Acd-26/2021 dated 31st March 2021 for the Academic Session 2021-22 and the Sample Question Papers may also be referred to for details of changes in the QP design of individual subjects.

(Dr. Joseph Emmanuel)

Director (Academics)

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