(A Govt. of India Enterprise)
GSM Network Planning Cell,
BSNL Corporate office
No. 57-316/2017-CMTS/Phase VIII.4/81

dated: 05.02.2018

SUBJECT: Regarding implementation of 13-digit numbering scheme for M2M communication.

1. It is intimated that DoT has convened a meeting on subject matter on 08.01.2018. During the meeting following decision has been conveyed regarding implementation of 13-digit numbering scheme for M2M communication:

1.1. It was decided that 13-digit M2M numbering plan will be implemented from 1st July 2018. From this date on wards, all new M2M mobile connections will be allocated 13-digit numbers only.

1.2. All TSP’s must ensure that their network elements including IT and other relevant systems are aligned with 13-digit numbering for M2M SIM’s before 1St July 2018.

1.3. The readiness of LI system has also to be ensured for 13-digit numbers before 1st July 2018.

1.4. Migration of existing 10-digit M2M numbers to 13 digits will start latest by 1 October 2018 and shall be completed by 31’t December 2018.

2. In view of above directions from DoT, the undersigned has been directed to request you to ensure the provision for 13-digit numbering scheme for M2M communication in all the equipment to be supplied/deployed against Phase VIII.4 project.

3. A compliance in this regard may be sent to this cell on email id

This is issued with the approval of competent authority.

(Mahender Singh)


Tel. No: 011-23717837

13 Digit m2M

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2 responses to “Reg. Implementation of 13-digit numbering scheme for M2M communication”

  1. Ashwin Tanna says:

    Going through above mail,will you please clarify the full meaning of abbreviation used like
    scheme M2M communication
    LI system

  2. satyapal soni says:

    After the proposed 13 digit number,what is the fate of existing numbers ?

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