Section 10E of the Companies Act, 1956 – Board of Company Law Administration – Constitution of – Revision of fees payable in terms of regulations 29 & 30 of the CLB Regulations, 1991

ORDER [File No.10/36/2001-CLB], dated 19-1-2012

The Company Law Board has revised the fees payable in terms of Regulations 29 and 30 of the Company Law Board Regulations, 1991 vide Notification No. GSR 32(E), dated 18th January, 2012. The fee for inspection of documents of a case has been revised from ten rupees to fifty rupees per day. The fee for supply of certified copies of order or any other document has been revised from five rupees to ten rupees per page.

2. In view of the above the Company Law Board rescinds the Order No. l/10/88-CLV/CLB/Admn/90, dated 4th June, 1991. Such rescission shall not affect anything done or omitted to be done under the said Order before issue of this notification.

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