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I have complied following Registers and forms  to be maintained by a Company under the Companies Act,2013 Read with New Companies Rules.

Form MBP – 2  – Register of loans, guarantee, security and acquisition made by the company

Form MBP – 3 – Register of investments not held in its own name by the company

Form MBP – 4 – Register of contracts with related party and contracts and Bodies etc. in which directors are interested

Register of directors and key managerial personnel

Register of details of securities held by Directors and Key Management Personnel

Form No. MGT-1 – Register of members

Form No. MGT-2 – Register of debenture holders/ other securities holders

Form No. MGT-3 – Notice of situation or change of situation or discontinuation of situation, of place where foreign register shall be kept

Form No. MGT-4 – Declaration by the registered owner of shares who does not hold the beneficial interest in such shares

Form No. MGT-5 – Declaration by the beneficial owner who holds or acquires beneficial interest in shares but whose name is not entered in the register of members

Download Excel Format of Registers to be maintained under the Companies Act, 2013


Download One Click Excel utility showing Titles of Sections of Companies Act 2013 Developed by Vaibhav KhandelwalDownload

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34 responses to “Registers under Companies Act 2013 in EXCEL Format”

  1. Paul Ruban says:

    What is the Register that is required by section 8 company by Guarantee?

  2. Rakesh Hankare says:

    i am startup … do i need to appoint Company Secretory ..? as per my knowledge it is required for those companies whose authorized capital exceeds 5 cr

    • CSPallavi says:

      1. Listed Co.
      2. Public co having PUSC Rs. 5 crore or more
      3. Any company, other than Section 8 Company, having PUSC Rs. 5crore or more.

  3. Rakesh Hankare says:

    can somebody help me with list of mandatory things required after getting incorporation certificate of private limited company

  4. Rashmi Mitkary says:

    Thanks a lot

  5. CMA CS Chandrashekhar B. Prabhumirashi says:


    Thank you so much for your efforts.

  6. JITHIN says:


  7. Ramya V says:

    Thank you very much, Ms. Priya Bhansali! This is a great contribution by you.

  8. CS Pranay says:

    Thank you !

  9. Shashi Shekhar says:

    Very useful contribution…. thanks a lot

  10. keval dave says:

    Very usefull ……thanks….

  11. RAJAN (CA , ICWA ) says:

    nice , thank you

  12. Nisha Gaur says:

    IS the maintenance of statutory register complied the provisions of section 120 of the companies act 2013 for the maintenance of register in electronic mode.

  13. Anand says:

    very much required and useful.. Thank you so much 🙂

  14. Rajender Singh Bisht says:

    Very useful compilation. Keep up the good work.
    Many thanks.

  15. Ram says:

    Please provide the format of Form MGT-15


  16. CS Prathiba says:

    nice compilation

  17. karthiswaran says:

    very useful  thanks

  18. CA.Ravi Babu Challa says:

    Thank you..really nice and useful compilation.

  19. CS VIKASH GUPTA says:

    I have Compiled a Excel Sheet which contains format of 15 Registers which are required to be maintained under Companies Act 2013, if Anybody want that file can mail me at and please mention in subject Register under Companies Act, 2013 required.

    Thanks & Regards.
    CS Vikash Gupta
    Prop. of VIKASH GUPTA & CO.
    (Company Secretaries)

  20. Monika Wadhwa says:

    Hi Priya,

    Thanks for your efforts. But I have a query regarding signing of such registers. For Eg: MBP-4, is this needs to be signed by yeach director & company Secretary or by the Director authorised by the board & company secretary and further for Register of Directors, is this needs to be signed by each director & company Secretary or by the Director authorised by the board & company secretary. Your early response shall be highly appreciated.


  21. shailly says:

    thanks for the register.

    I have a query,how are these electronic registers signed by directors /company secretary.What I understand that in Colomn 16 we have to take the signature of the directors except the interested one in the subsequent meeting.How did you take their signature as well how did the company secretary has signed.

    Pls share your views

  22. Pradeep Dadhich says:

    Thanx …..very useful

  23. Pramod Kumar says:

    Really useful information. Regards

  24. CA Harshit Rathi says:

    Thanks..grt help

  25. CS Hemesh Garg says:

    Thankyou sirji…..its really very useful for us……

  26. CS Upender says:

    its very useful

  27. CA. Vishnu says:


  28. CA. Vishnu says:

    Useful article. Good efforts. Congrats…. Keep on posting

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  30. Janak Dalal says:

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  32. Anil Kumar Patni says:

    Very very thanks
    Anil Kumar Patni

  33. CA Rajesh Pabari says:

    Nice effort.


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