Download Ready to use format of Director’s Report for Private Limited Company

(Compiled by CA Santosh Mishra who is  is a Practicing CA at Patna base Firm, He may be reached at or Mobile: 9570558536)

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One response to “Ready to use format of “Director's Report” for Private Limited Company”

  1. Friend says:

    the website is not slow your internet is slow, get a life and dont forget to also get a better internet service.

  2. Vineet Maheshwari says:

    Thanks CA Santosh Mishra Ji

    CA Vineet Maheshwari

  3. Pankaj Rathod says:

    Sir this is really very helpful for Private companies.

    Very well authored.

  4. Mosin says:

    Thankyou Sir it is very helpfull

  5. N K Mishra says:

    Gr8 Work Very useful Thanks

  6. aBDUL says:

    What should be date of signing of Annual Report???

  7. N GANESAN says:

    The website is very slow i am not able to read If it is attached as a word format it wil be useful

  8. Neeta says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing. Its really very useful. Thanks once again

  9. Joseph Sagayaraj says:

    Great Piece of work Sir!!

  10. Anish Sengupta says:

    Great job done by the author. Thanks a lot. It will be of immense help in drafting the Directors’ Report of Pvt. Ltd. the context of changed legislation.

  11. SHILPA MITTAL says:


  12. S. Krishnamoorthy says:

    My thanks and appreciation to the author. This will help the private companies to draft their Directors’s Report.

  13. Ravindra Srinivasa says:

    Good Job CA Santhosh Misha !!!! Very useful.

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