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New Delhi, 06th May, 2016

G.S.R. 493(E).-ln exercise of the powers conferred by section 399 read with sub-sections (1) and (2) of section 469 of the Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013), the Central Government hereby makes the following rules further to amend the Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Rules, 2014, namely :-

1.   (1) These rules may be called the Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Amendment Rules, 2016.

(2) They shall come into force from the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.

2.  In the Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Rules, 2014,

(i) For Form No. GNL-1 and Form No. GNL-4, following forms shall respectively be substituted, namely:-

[F. No. 01/16/2013 CL-V(Pt-I)]

Amardeep Singh Bhatia Joint Secretary

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