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CA Pawan Kumar AgarwalThe major features of this free utility includes: (version 1.5)

1. Auto calculation of itemized depreciation for New Assets as per Schedule II and subsequent years’ depreciation on itemized assets.

2. Calculation of tentative date of addition for additions made before 31st March 2014.

3. Facility to choose higher or lower useful life of the assets for the old assets as well as new assets w.e.f .1.4.2014 or even in subsequent year (s). In case of such change in useful life a warning message will appear in the respective sheet.

4. Facility to choose higher or lower Residual value of the assets for the old assets as well as new assets w.e.f. 1.4.2014 or even in subsequent year.

5. Calculation of Depreciation and WDV as per Reducing balance method as well as SLM Method in the same sheet.

6. Prior years’ as well as Subsequent years’ depreciation of the itemized old assets.

7. Option for rounding off to desired level and option for acceptable margin of error.

8. Auto Pivot Table for summary of Fixed Assets for old as well as new assets.

9. Auto calculation of itemized depreciation for Transitional period as per Schedule II.

10. Mini Calculator for old as well as new assets giving instant calculation of depreciation including for subsequent years figures.

11. Standalone Calculator for Old Assets at Old Rate showing the year-wise figures of Depreciation, WDV from inception till 31.3.2014 (and also for subsequent yrs at old rate) on WDV as well as SLM.

Instruction Manual for each of the Modules provided therein.

The utility can be downloaded from the below link :-

Download Depreciation Calculation Utility

In case of any inconsistency or clarification/ suggestions, kindly contact us.

(Author can be reached at  Email: [email protected] or on mobile-: 9830262464)

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  1. Dyson says:

    The useful life or residual value of any specific asset, as notified for accounting purposes by a Regulatory authority constituted under an Act of parliament or by the CG shall be applied in calculating the depreciation to be provided for such asset irrespective of the requirements of this schedule.

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