prpri Catchy learning regarding incorporation of company Catchy learning regarding incorporation of company

For the beginners who want to incorporate the company, can easily with the help of this article incorporate a private company. Starting from the filing form INC-1 ( reservation of name of the company), Spice form 32, Spice form 33 (MOA), Spice form 34 (AOA). There is a short list of the FORMS required to be filed during incorporation and includes what kind of information required to be filed.

Company Incorporation

Step -1 -Apply for DSC

a. Documents required for applying DSC

  • DSC form
  • Id proof
  • Address proof
  • 1 Photo

b. Information Required

  • Phone no
  • Email-id
  • Residential Address

Step -2 Apply for DIN

a. Documents Required for applying DIN

  • DSC form
  • Id proof
  • Address proof
  • 1 Photo

b. Information Required

  • Whether citizen of India
  • Whether resident of India
  • Occupation
  • Educational Qualification
  • Permanent And present residential address
  • Father name
  • DOB, Place of birth
  • Gender

Step -3 Apply for Name Reservation ( optional)

a. Documents Required

  • INC-1
  • If the name requires a prior approval
  • from a particular Authority, then such approval
  • CG approval, if required
  • NOC from other co. / other person having similar name

b. Information Required

  • DIN no and contact Details (phone no, Email-id)
  • Type of company
  • State in which Registered office is proposed
  • Details of promoter
  • Brief object
  • Proposed director
  • Proposed name of the co.- max 6

Step-4 Incorporation of company

a. Documents Required

  • Spice- 32
  • Spice-33 (MOA)
  • Spice-34 (AOA)
  • Form INC-9 (on Stamp Paper)
  • Affidavit from Directors ( on stamp paper)
  • Form DIR-2
  • Proof of identity
  • proof of address
  • NOC
  • Utility bill/ Electricity bill/ telephone bill
  • Rent agreement/ Lease Deed/ Conveyance Deed

b. Information Required

  • Main division of industrial activity
  • Maximum number of members
  • Correspondence of address
  • Proposed name of co if approved by ROC
  • Main object of the company
  • Liability of the members
  • Name, address, occupation, description, no of shares taken and DIN no of members
  • DSC of members

Step-5 Application of PAN/TAN (filed within 2 days of submission of spice)

a.Information Required

  • SRN of spice
  • DSC

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