Ministry of Corporate affairs has vide its General Circular No. 14/2012, dated 21-6-2012 imposed  fees on various forms which were free of cost. One such form was E-form-23B which in an Intimation to ROC by statutory auditors regarding their appointment. So now fee shall be payable based on Authorised Capital of the Company. Additional fee provisions shall also apply in case of delay. It shall be applicable from 22nd July 2012.

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0 responses to “Auditors to pay fees for Filing of Form 23B wef 22.07.2012”

  1. Dolphine Kotian says:

    As a Auditor we have received reappointment letter dated 7.7.2011 for the F.Y. 2010-11 on 17 September 2012.can we file 23B for the client today without any fee ?


    Filing Fees for Form 23B will come into effect from 22.07.2012 as per the General Circular No. 14/2012 of MCA. Please correct it in your website.

  3. Devendra A. Mehta says:

    It appears that the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is not taking up the cause of members in effective manner. In service tax also, the illogical changes in law has affected us adversely and surprisingly, there has been not a murmur of protest from the Institute. It is a very sad situation in which the people at the helm of Institute’s affairs are furthering their own interest and not taking up the cause of members in effective manner.

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