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CA Priti KachhalLet’s all welcome this Calendar Year 2017,

Bringing many changes with different numerous schemes.

A vast change is there in the shape of GST,

Towards simplification of tax & fiscal consolidation exist.


A big step also there towards cashless economy,

Another major contribution changing human psychology.

New calendar year has begun embracing new upcoming budget,

So be strict with tax compliances utilizing all powerful gadgets.


Let’s all take a SANKALP as a New Year resolution,

Start towards your accomplishment and this only the solution.

Act upon it, put your 100% effort,

Be in your Nature, your rhythm will make you better.


Key of success lies, only in self effort & perseverance,

Good Attitude is the master, for all negative clearance.

Rise always in life, to a larger vision of the work,

Be positive always, even after so many jerks.


O source of strength! Give power to understand new regime,

So that we can enjoy, this New Year 2017.

Strengthen our Sankalp, with your blessings & grace,

May we get n spread knowledge with wisdom, as this only is the life base.

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  1. Debjani says:

    Thanks for these lovely lines to inspire us all to start the new year with better vision anand resolution 🙂 be in your nature your rhythm will make you better….. What a wonderful and true line :-). Somehow you always find a way to put meaning in each and every aspect of life 🙂

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